Carteiras de criptomoedas – qual é melhor e mais segura em 2024?

There is a big difference between buying cryptocurrency and storing it securely. In this article, we will see which are the best cryptocurrency wallets so that you do not make the same mistakes as other people before you.

There are some common mistakes people make when storing digital currencies. We'll see what you can do to make the best decisions for you.

What are cryptocurrency wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallets are a virtual alternative to your own wallet or exchange. However, instead of storing some of the changes you carry with you, it contains the public and private keys you use.

These keys will send and receive digital currencies. They also allow you to keep an eye on your balance and interact with blockchains.

While there are millions of Bitcoin wallets, there are only five different types. In the next section, we'll look at the pros and cons of each.

Hardware cryptocurrency wallets

Hardware wallets are exactly what they sound like. They are devices specially designed to store your private keys and public addresses.

They are similar to a standard USB memory device. However, they do have some significant differences. With a screen and buttons, you can navigate the wallet interface anywhere. Also, you will have a desktop application that you can use along with it.

Most hardware devices are very expensive, averaging $ 100. However, they are certainly worth purchasing as they are much more secure than any other wallet. In addition, you can store over twenty different cryptocurrencies in each wallet.

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paper wallets

Cryptocurrency paper wallets are not the best idea for everyone. They can be a little difficult and are certainly a little riskier than a hardware device. With the standard paper wallet, you have to print your private keys and public address on paper and use them to transfer your BTC to it.

This method certainly keeps your information offline, so it's impossible for people to have access to it without you knowing. However, not all cryptocurrencies offer paper wallets.

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They are more complicated than some to use, but they can be very helpful in keeping them away from the Internet.

Desk cryptocurrency wallets

If you have any cryptocurrency from any reputable company, then you can get a desktop wallet. Any coin worth looking at will have a desktop wallet.

The problem with them is that you have it directly on the device that connects to the internet. Therefore, you need to take Internet security as seriously as possible: Use a good antivirus, anti-malware and a good firewall.

Of course, as with the rest of the internet world, cell phones are also the most popular for cryptocurrency wallets. Most platforms will base their projects on mobile users, so you know you'll have an easy-to-use interface.

You will be able to use mobile cryptocurrency wallets on Android or iOS, and there should be an app for even the less popular coins. However, what you need to consider is how well the app is designed in terms of security and usability.

While mobile wallets are the most popular, you need to know that they are not the safest way to hold your cryptocurrency.

online wallets

Online wallets are possibly the least secure option for you to choose. They are always on the Internet and you can access them from any browser you use.

The problem with them is that you have to access them by going to a specific URL, and the private key and public address are stored in your browser.

This difficulty also carries a risk; they are extremely susceptible to hacking and attacks. Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from these types of wallets.

Cryptocurrency wallets – which is the best?

So, as you have seen throughout the article, there are several ways to keep your cryptocurrencies in a safe place. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them.

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However, in our humble opinion, it is still much better for you to have a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, even if you don't keep it with you all the time.

The hardware, USB style wallets are small enough to keep them in an inconspicuous place in your home and keep them away from people who might harm them.

A paper wallet is also very good for security. It also has the added benefit that you don't have to worry about electrical malfunctions. If you can keep a banknote safe, you can keep a paper wallet safe too.

The downside, however, is that you are less likely to be able to perform multiple transactions in a day with it. However, if you bought some cryptocurrencies with the intention of keeping it for a long time, then you might be better off with the paper version instead of a hardware wallet.

Simply because there's no way a piece of paper can go wrong like an electrical item. Yes, they can get wet or wrinkled, but one way we've found to keep them safe is to simply laminate them. However, you want to make sure your phone's camera can read the QR code before storing it. You might even want to make backups as long as you keep them separate and safe.

Conclusion – Which cryptocurrency wallet is the best?

No matter how you keep your cryptocurrency safe, remember that it is your responsibility.

Cryptocurrencies are something new for many people. Therefore, you must also look at security in a new way. One of the best words here is: don't keep all your eggs in one basket.

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Try keeping your cryptocurrencies in different wallets and in different places. That doesn't mean you have to travel the world to hide it or dig a hole in your backyard. It just means that you must account for all eventualities.

Never underestimate the devastation that even a natural disaster can cause. Not to mention breaking into your house and stealing your safe, or losing your phone, keys, or anything else.