O que é GameFi? Ganhe Moedas com Defi, NFT e jogo blockchain 2024

If in 2020 the main trend in the crypto industry was DeFi, then in 2021 it was undoubtedly NFT and GameFi, closely related. NFTs are non-fungible tokens that digitally protect the ownership of a virtual or physical object. GameFi is a combination of gaming and finance, in particular, the Play-to-earn model, where users receive real rewards for gaming actions or creating NFT and trading technologies. In this post you will know everything about how to make money in the GameFi industry and which apps are suitable for this purpose. You can buy many GameFi tokens on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.
What is GameFi and how does it work?
GameFi, as a blend of gaming and decentralized finance, represents the intersection of many areas and directions: profitable pooling, lending/borrowing, algorithmic stablecoins, tools for minting new tokens. The term was first used in 2020 by André Cronier, the creator of the yEarn Finance project and who is called the “father of DeFi”.

He said something like this:

“I'm very interested in gamification as it relates to monetary policy. DeFi games can make using funds even more convenient. If we had cloned traditional finance before, in the future we will move to gaming finance (GameFi). "

Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of the world's first tokenized esports exchange, Chiliz, on the same wave created his project, which is now owned by the most influential partners in the field of DeFi and esports, as well as the leading issuer of fan tokens for real esports.

How to enter the GameFi industry?
First, you need to choose a project that is interesting to you and that offers adequate earning opportunities. Consider which blockchain the application is running on. The amount of commission fees depends on this, because most actions in games are confirmed by transactions from a cryptocurrency wallet. Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain as it was the first to provide convenient opportunities for developing smart contracts and applications. But in terms of cost savings, there are more comfortable options like Binance Smart Chain.

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Install a cryptocurrency wallet that supports tokens hosted on the selected blockchain. It is convenient to use Metamask, Trust Wallet or Binance Chain Wallet.
In most blockchain games, you need to pay a certain amount to start playing. For example, to create a character or buy a combat creature. Consider this, as well as transaction fees.
When choosing a project, study its reputation and prospects. Keep in mind that tokens and NFTs minted in a specific game will be depreciated if the game itself loses its ratings or turns out to be a scam. Also check which exchanges you can buy or sell game tokens on.
If the game doesn't have its own tokens, think about it - maybe this is a financial pyramid in disguise. These projects do not deserve your attention.
Experts recommend that you definitely pay attention to the marketing and technological features of the GameFi project. The more advantages the protocol token offers participants and the more actively the team is promoting, the more likely the token fee and capitalization will increase.

Which GameFi projects can you win?
Here are some of the best GameFi games that make it possible to earn money.

  1. Axie Infinity
    In this blockchain game, users can create creatures, buy and trade them, and then use them to fight each other in the arena. Players receive income from selling creatures, and the more rare attributes the beast has, the more expensive it will cost. Another type of income is betting on the outcome of battles. The project is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The game also has an internal Smooth Love Potion (SLP) blockchain token that creates new creatures. This is where the rewards for battles are paid. In the Philippines, this asset has become very popular, accounting for a significant part of the citizens' income. It got to the point where sellers started to accept SLP as legal tender, which prompted the regulator to be asked to tax it.

  1. CryptoBlades
    CryptoBlades is an NFT RPG game released on Binance Smart Chain. The essence of the game is to reward players with ryptoBlades tokens for defeating enemies and participating in raids. Since its launch, the game has continued to show good results, since in just one week the volume of exclusive wallets registered in the project grew by 963%.
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The ability to earn money as well as quite fun gameplay along with strong market performance signals that the CryptoBlades project has attracted and will likely continue to attract the attention of gamers.

  1. My DeFi Pet
    My DeFi Pet is a pet game that combines DeFi collectibles, NFT and player customization. The basic concept is based on a cycle of in-game actions such as gathering, breeding, pumping, battles, trading, communication between pets. The project offers the opportunity to receive short-term rewards for passing certain chronological steps.

The native token DPET showed an excellent rally in July 2021, peaking at $ 9.92. The potential and scope of this game is clear when you consider that the market capitalization jumped from just over $ 6 million in early July to a record high of over $ 116 million on July 26th. The collectible aspect is nostalgic for many, reminiscent of Pokémon. Open market opportunities provide an added advantage.

  1. alien worlds
    The essence of this blockchain game is in the extraction of minerals and their subsequent sale to users. The project operates on Ethereum, WAX and Binance Smart Chain networks. In August 2021, the number of active players surpassed 720,000, and the native token grew by 60%.

There are many in-game items presented in the form of NFTs that can be bought and sold, earning money from it. The biggest purchase on Alien Worlds was $ 40,000, with total sales exceeding $ 104,000,000 per month.

Demand for the GameFi industry is undoubtedly related to earning opportunities, but not only – otherwise, DeFi would be enough for users. The current situation arises as a result of active growth in two directions at the same time (gaming and decentralized finance). A few years ago, for the first time, the prerequisites for the unification of games and blockchain emerged, at least reminiscent of the popularity of Cryptokitties in 2017. According to analysts, the development of GameFi projects will partially depend on the development of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, but it is not the only factor. Rare and unusual designs that offer something unique tend to gain popularity.