STEPN (GMT) – Where to buy and sell + wallets and exchanges to trade GMT coin in 2024

STEPN is a web3 application aimed at controlling movement and a healthy lifestyle, with elements GameFi and DeFi. At the Solana Ignition 2021 hackathon, the project took fourth place out of more than 500. The user receives an NFT token in the form of sneakers, after which they can earn in-game currency by running and walking outdoors. The coins received can be used to increase in-app earnings or withdrawn and sold at your discretion.

GMT – STEPN control token. Hosted on the Solana blockchain. In addition to management functions, it allows you to increase the income received from gaming actions, and is also involved in such important functions as the minting of new NFTs. Criptomais experts studied the platform and talked about the STEPN project and its characteristics.

Briefly about the main thing

  • STEPN is a web3 application for movement control and healthy lifestyle with GameFi and DeFi elements.
  • Users buy NFT Token in the form of sneakers and then earn in-game currency for physical activities.
  • GMT is the management token of STEPN, arranged on the Solana, BNB Chain, Ethereum blockchains, it is also used to mint NFTs and game improvements.
  • GMT can be purchased during the token sale at Binance Launchpadand is now available in many cryptocurrencies exchanges.
  • You can use a wallet to store GMT metamask, Trust wallet and others with support for the necessary blockchain networks.

Trading on Binance is available in pairs GMT/USDT, GMT/BUSD, GMT/BTC, GMT/BNB. The token is also available for trading on the exchange OK, Bybit, HTX, MEXC, Bitget, kucoin etc.

STEPN project page on Binance Launchpad.

GMT tokens distributed on the platform Binance Launchpad. Token sale schedule: March 2nd, 3am (Brasília time) to March 9th, 3am – balance snapshot period. March 9th from 9am to 12pm – subscription period. March 9th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – distribution period, at 3:00 pm – start of trading.

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Real-time price/currency quote

General information

Designation STEP
Clock GMT
Release year 2022
token type SPL
Blockchain Solana
Maximum emission 6,000,000,000 GMT
Official site
White paper
Social media

Distribution begins on Binance Launchpad March 2, 2024 at 3am
initial price 0.01$ in BNB
Will be distributed 420,000,000 GMT

How to get started with STEPN

First you need to download the STEPN application:

Then register using your email address.

The application soon creates a new decentralized wallet for the user. Write a seed of twelve words; You may need it in the future if you miss access to the app or forget your password.

Top up your wallet with SOL cryptocurrency by transferring it from an external wallet or exchange. In the future, you will also always need to keep any SOL in your wallet to pay for transactions.

Finally, buy NFT sneakers on the integrated marketplace. Wait until 25% of energy has been accumulated (approximately 6 hours) and start working.


Game modes and features

Currently, only one mode is available in the STEPN app – solo. The other two are under development (marathon mode and second project).

In solo mode, users receive tokens ICMS as a reward for moving around in the real world. In this case, virtual energy is spent – 1 unit per 5 minutes of movement. All these processes begin only after purchasing the NFT sneakers. If the energy is zero, tokens will not be earned.

Token ICMSand also in the future GMTwill be paid depending on the following factors:

  • Tennis level and attributes. The most efficient ones cost more. It is worth noting that at levels 0 to 29, users can exclusively earn GST, and from level 30, they can switch to GMT earnings if they wish.
  • Tennis comfort parameter. The more eminent, the more tokens are earned every minute.
  • Movement speed. Running shoes should be kept within the recommended speed range. If you deviate too much from this, your earnings will be reduced by up to 90%.

As soon as the energy runs out, the gains stop. Therefore you can manually transpose from solo mode using the Stop button.

STEPN Interface

Game improvements

Once the sneaker's level reaches a certain level, the owner will be able to improve its attributes by installing special gems in the unlocked sockets.

Four types of stones:

  • Yellow – for efficiency.
  • Red is for comfort.
  • Blue is for good luck.
  • Purple – for strength.

The player can upgrade his gems by burning GST tokens and also collect three gems of the same type into a higher level one. From level 4 of the stones onwards, you will need a GMT token to upgrade them.

The sneakers themselves can also be combined in a similar way to mint new ones. Although the app has the ability to rent NFTs, both parents must be owned by the user and also have a maximum strength level to be upgraded.

NFT STEPN sneakers

GMT Token + Tokensale on Binance Launchpad

Thus, GMT tokens in the STEPN project play an important role in earnings and improvements. In fact, they are planned to be used as a decentralized management tool.

GMT is burned for voting on project development, for improving sneakers and jewelry, for minting rare and legendary NFTs, for resetting sneaker attributes to default value.

Binance Launchpad helps drive the initial sale of GMT. Event schedule:

  • The period for balance snapshots is March 2, 3am (Brasília time) to March 9, 3am
  • Subscription period March 9 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Distribution period March 9th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Sales parameters:

GMT token sale

Where to buy, sell and store GMT

After the token sale is completed, GMT will be available for purchase on the broker Binance (initial circulating supply 600,000,000 GMT). It will later appear on other brokers if the project development proceeds properly. Updated – token added to OK, Bybit, MXC, Phemex, BingX, HTX.

In fact, there are decentralized exchanges that support tokens on the Solana blockchain. One of the most famous is Serum DEX.

Wallets that support this network:

Fantom Wallet

Common questions

What is STEPN (GMT)?

Stepn is a decentralized Move-to-Earn application that allows you to earn money by doing physical activity (running). GMT is the project management token.

What functions does the STEPN – GMT cryptocurrency perform?

With its help, you can participate in management, improve gameplay and, consequently, earnings.

How much do Stepn sneakers cost?

It is necessary to buy virtual NFT sneakers, without them you cannot start earning money in the app. Their value may fluctuate, mainly because they are traded on the free market. The app also works with two blockchains, and using Solana requires less initial investment than Ethereum.

How to register on the Stepn app?

You need to download the app and create an internal wallet just like any other cryptocurrency wallet. By the way, you will need an activation code. It can be found on Telegram or the project's discord.

How to buy Stepn sneakers?

You need to top up your wallet with cryptocurrency, then go to the integrated market and buy an item that meets your needs and budget.

How does Stepn work?

When you buy sneakers on Stepn Marketplace, you can start earning money – running in a private mode and receiving GST tokens as profit. It is impossible to cheat the system; There is very strict control against fraud.

Why do you need a STEPN calculator?

This is a convenient way to calculate potential income in advance, even before investing money. You need to indicate what type of sneakers you are going to buy and what level they are. The service will show the approximate daily profit at the current time. There are some calculators on the Internet to test and choose the most accurate one. They also publish ready-made Stepn tables with calculation formulas.

Is Stepn available in Brazil?

Only English is officially supported. On the Internet you can find montages from third-party users translated into Brazilian. But downloading them is not safe. In the coming years, developers themselves will be able to bring together important languages.

Is STEPN cryptocurrency available on Binance?

Yes, GMT is traded in pairs with fiat currencies USDT, BNB, BTC, ETH.

How does STEPN withdrawal on Binance work?

It is no different from withdrawing any other digital currency. You need to go to the “Fiat and Spot” section and click “Withdraw” for the desired currency, and then specify the withdrawal network, amount, wallet address and confirm the operation.

Where to buy Stepn token?

On cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, on some exchanges.

STEPN (GMT) Cryptocurrency Forecast:

According to various estimates, the GMT rate will increase throughout 2024, as long as the GameFi industry maintains user interest, and may decrease slightly in the following years when a new trend takes over.


STEPN is an innovative app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. This is not the only attempt to encourage healthy lifestyles using blockchain games (see subordinate). Genopetes). But this app already has a long-lived version and is only now releasing a control token. According to reviews, the application is really worth it and is interesting, but several users complain that the price of the initial purchase of the sneakers is already too eminent for beginners (on average from 4 SOL, taking into account that 1 SOL now costs more of US$ 100).

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