Is Skrill Trustworthy or Safe? How it works? |→ Complete Guide

See a brief review on Skrill currently one of the most used wallets in electronic transactions worldwide.
Its reliability, ease and wide variety of options have become, over the years, one of the most serious alternatives to Paypal. Is it trustable? So this is what we're going to know:

What is Skrill and how does it work?

Well, founded in London in 2001 under the name of moneybookers and currently Skrill is an electronic payment processor in which we can make and receive payments online quickly, securely and above all easily. she was perfectly adapted to work in high risk investment websites, such as casinos and bookmakers, becoming an essential payment processor over time for online businesses of all types.

Skrill how to create account?

Access the official website here and create a free Skrill account
So, just choose the type of account we want to open between the two available options:

Personal account: unless you have a business, this will be the account you should select. With this, we will be able to receive or send money online quickly and safely.

Business account: → if you have a business or website that accepts online payments, this account is right for you. Being able to pay employees, suppliers and receive money from customers easily.

As the vast majority of us will have a personal account, which is enough there that we will focus the information, so here are some of the most important features available in this account:
*. It accepts users from Brazil, Portugal and more than 200 different countries.
*. Debit card to have our money at the time of making any purchase or using ATM.
*. Possibility to add a bank account to withdraw or deposit our money.
*. Supports over 40 currencies.
*. You can send and receive money without verifying the account. Account Verification is only required to make withdrawals or use the card.

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Skrill Fees and commissions

The commissions and fees that Skrill applies are much more bearable than other payment processors, being able to make moves without having to see our balance seriously reduce.

Skrill: Fees for depositing money:

· Bank transfers: free.
· PaySafeCard: 5.5%
· Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc: 1.9%.
· receive from sites we use to earn money online: free.

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Skrill: Fees for withdrawing money:

· Towards our bank account: 5.5%.
· Towards our credit or debit card: 4.5%.
· Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc: 1.9%.
· To withdraw money from the ATM: 1,75%.

Skrill how to apply for debit card?

To apply for the Skrill debit card, you first need to confirm your account. We can do this by sending you a series of ID documents or sending a simple photograph through your mobile app.

Note that there are also commissions for using the Skrill debit card, so here are some that should also be taken into account:
· Towards our bank account: 5.5%.
· Payments in online and offline stores: free.
· Currency exchange: 2,49%.
· To withdraw cash from the ATM: 1,75%.
· Annual maintenance fee: 10 euros.

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Without a doubt Skrill has become one of the top e-wallets used by thousands of users today, its low commissions especially when using your Visa, MasterCard debit card, its ease of use and the ability to change your conventional currency to Bitcoin with a single click, becomes essential for any investor today.

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Not only that, although we have done our best not to use it, it would be very difficult as nowadays more and more websites use Skrill as a payment method to pay their users, making it difficult to ignore it.

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