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You may have noticed that the world is changing, and with it, familiar elements like money. From ordinary tangible precious papers and coins, they gradually pass into the digital world, where they lose their physical essence, but at the same time only gain value.

Without a doubt, Bitcoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies in the world.

And in recent years, the number of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly, today there are already more than 1000 different digital currencies and altcoins. This rise and popularity has attracted the attention of not only savvy investors, but also entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who are far from the world of digital technology.

Who are we?

The Criptomais blog was created by and made up of investors and enthusiasts of digital currency and blockchain, it is constantly being improved to help non-experienced newcomers find answers to their questions about cryptocurrencies and related topics.

Seeking to help others, we decided to use our knowledge and experience to create a universal, online library of informative articles. We created step-by-step guides written in the simplest possible language.

What do we want?

We strive to share the most reliable, interesting and accurate information for our readers to make better decisions.

Our Goal:
*. Inform our readers to save them from simple mistakes;
*. Raise our awareness of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and derive above all.
*. Provide accurate descriptions, information, comments, analysis, opinions, advice and/or recommendations including advantages and disadvantages of everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
*.Help users achieve their goals, regardless of type of activity, age and region of residence.

Criptomais.com can become your indispensable assistant that will make you understand how to open a bitcoin wallet, how to buy cryptocurrencies safely, where you can get bitcoins for free, how to earn crypto, or how to start mining on your device at home. Also on this blog you can observe market dynamics, course changes, graphs, tables and many other valuable information about cryptocurrencies.

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