LocalBitcoins como funciona?: Melhor p2p criptomoedas 2024 → comprar e vender

Check out all about localbitcoins is it safe or reliable? Find out how buying on localbitcoins really works? See truth you need to know about p2p is localbitcoins good? how to use LocalBitcoins fees and more. Well let's get to what interests us:

What is LocalBitcoins and how does it work?

Well, LocalBitcoins is one of best p2p cryptocurrency platforms where Buyers and Sellers agree to trading terms and LocalBitcoins acts as an intermediary.

It is currently available in all countries of the world (localbitcoins Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, etc.) Thus, the Bitcoin buyer can launch a survey according to its geolocation, the same for the seller, it can post ads that will be visible to buyers around the world or just for your region or country.

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how to buy on localbitcoins?

Before buying, you should do some research that will depend on your geographic location, the means of payment you have and, of course, its value.

LocalBitcoins is a global Bitcoins peer to peer platform that offers many payment options for its users you can buy bitcoin on localbitcoins using the following payment methods:

*. payeer
*. Skrill
*. advcash
* WebMoney, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payoneer, and several other most used and popular payment methods in the world.

LocalBitcoins vs other currencies:

On LocalBitcoins all users are free to buy and sell bitcoin with the main online payment methods or means available to buyers, depending on what is available in their location.

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it's nice and private. Although Local Bit coins does not collect personal data, some popular buyers or sellers only accept to trade with users with a verified account.


The speed at which your bitcoins will be delivered to you depends on the seller and the payment method used.

Seller Rating:

Before finalizing your purchase, do not forget to check the rating of the seller of your choice. Check the price, payment method and click on “view ratings”. The total displayed has been calculated in relation to purchases and sales already made with and by other users of the site. Buyers gave him a score that shows if all the steps went well. The higher the user's score, the greater the seriousness and trust of the user. If the seller's score reaches 85% to 100%, then he is serious and you can trust him.

LocalBitcoins positive points:

*.One of the oldest p2p Bitcoin exchanges;
*. Available localbitcoins in portuguese and in other languages
*.Not a scam Purchases made with cash deposit usually generate bitcoins within 1 hour;
*. Availability of various means of payment;
*. No purchase limit.

Localbitcoins complain here: Negative points

*.Delivery speed is entirely up to the seller confirming payment, so sometimes it takes time (although usually within 15 minutes)
*.Exchange LocalBitcoins' reputation is good, but you need to check the reputation of each seller.

localbitcoins fees

The fee structure is very attractive and good. Registering, buying and selling Bitcoins is completely free. LocalBitcoins users/sellers who create ads pay a fee of 1% for each completed transaction.

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note: Usually sellers advertise and sell at a different price than the real bitcoin, in fact you need to worry a lot not only with price but with reputation/ score or seller rating.
*. Transactions from user wallets to LocalBitcoins are free.

Conclusion localbitcoins review

localBitcoins, is one of the best sites to buy bitcoin which offers several forms of online payments with the lowest rates on the market, fast and secure transactions, where you will have a wide variety of sellers according to your preference criteria and your budget. However, always be very careful and always check the seller's reputation and when you are satisfied make your bitcoin purchase.

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