Como ganhar dinheiro com jogos de blockchain e tokens GameFi 2024

GameFi (game finance) is an innovative combination of decentralized financeblockchain games and NFT, In this article you will know how to profit or make money from Gamefi, one of the hottest trends in the cryptocurrency industry today. While many modern games operate on the Pay-to-win model, which implies an investment in the game, GameFi apps use the model Play-to-Earn (play to win). Of course, this could not fail to interest users and investors. The concept suggests financial incentives for players to progress more actively. Thus, the player can receive a steady income. editors will tell you how to make money from blockchain games and  GameFi tokens how this system works and if it is promising.

How does GameFi work?

The term was introduced a long time ago – 9 years ago André Cronier, the founder of Yearn Finance, the “father of DeFi”. It was then about the game and its connection with monetary policy. One of the first blockchain-based games with a profit opportunity was CryptoKitties in 2017. GameFi is not limited to one technology or platform now, but covers a wide range of games and frameworks.

Most GameFi apps are built to work with the PC, but there are mobile apps as well. Often, players must first invest a certain amount of cryptocurrency to start making a profit. Applications of this type include the following structural elements:

  • Play to win. P2E allows you to earn in-game cryptocurrencies by performing certain actions.
  • Blockchain-based technology that makes characters or in-game items unique and cannot be copied or counterfeited.
  • Service token. Used for rewards, incentives, internal negotiation, maintaining project value.

The first platforms were built on the Bitcoin blockchain; however, later the sphere gradually expanded and became more complicated, so they gradually switched to blockchains specifically designed for decentralized applications: Ethereum, Wax, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, etc. All transactions, purchases and sales of goods are carried out in a decentralized manner, they are also transparent and fair.

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Invest in GameFi

Blockchain gaming projects and tokens are of interest not only to retail investors but also to companies. The total value of the gaming sector is expected to exceed US $ 200 billion by 2024. The rapid growth of blockchain gaming suggests that such platforms will have a significant share of this market, as well as allowing them to earn money by investing in projects that effectively combine finance with gaming.

Investors also include Huobi Ventures, the investment arm of  Huobi cryptocurrency exchange , what invested US $ 10 million in various game projects in September. In early May, Huobi also created a fund of US $ 100 million to finance DeFi and NFT.

The Tron Foundation, led by Justin Sun, announced in August the launch of its $ 300 million fund to invest in GameFi over three years. Exchange OKEx, in turn, allocated US $ 10 million in donations and marketing support for these projects.

Binance also has a Launchpool platform, which gives you the opportunity to receive live tokens in the game as a bonus reward for betting on other assets.

NFT earnings in games

Most objects in blockchain games are  expressed in the form of NFT  – digital tokens, each of which is unique and confirms ownership of a specific intangible item. In games, they are usually weapons, elements of appearance and clothing of characters, houses and lots, pets.

Upon finding and receiving these items during the game, the participant can sell them on digital markets, exchanging them for cryptocurrencies. You can increase the value of items and hence earning potential by pumping characters and crafting rarer items.

The use of technology  NFT in the gaming industry has several advantages:

  • Players have full ownership of unplayable items.
  • Received items stay in the user's wallet in the form of tokens, not on the platform's servers. Likewise, they can be sold anywhere, in any market that supports the required token format.
  • The process is decentralized, there is no single point of failure. Consequently, players are not at risk of losing their assets due to hacking or technical issues.

Many games also include DeFi components such as profitable pooling or staking. This means that players can lock in certain tokens and receive interest income for the entire duration of their possession.

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What you need to start playing

For earn money  with blockchain games and GameFi tokens, the following entries are required:

  • A cryptocurrency wallet that supports the ability to connect to decentralized applications. The most popular option is metamask . It works with any Ethereum based blockchain game, and if you switch the network in the app, it can work with Binance Smart Chain and almost any other blockchain (you can add network data manually).
  • A certain amount of cryptocurrency in the wallet account. Typically, the cryptocurrency of the blockchain the game is running on (ETH, BNB, etc.) is suitable. It will be required for initial purchases and later for payment of transaction fees.
  • Starter items, characters, pets. You can join blockchain games for free. But to get into the game – just by acquiring the starting objects.

The best projects to make money on GameFi

Examples of time-tested blockchain games that can be used to make money from NFT or tokens:

  • Axie Infinity . A game inspired by the Pokémon theme, where you have to control pets, develop them and use them to fight against other players.
  • alien worlds . The player here acts as a space explorer and can choose a planet to mine trillium (in other words, TLM tokens).
  • MOBOX . A platform that includes tools for creating games and NFT tokens, their use and trading.
  • My Neighbor Alice . Blockchain game with the theme of arranging land, developing and decorating a farm, interacting with neighbors, including business operations.
  • The Sandbox . Sandbox is a platform to create your own games and in-game items, equipped with a powerful yet simple editor.
  • decentral and . The project focuses on the social component, where players can organize their characters' lives and communicate with other users.
  • Cryptoblades . Allows you to fight with other players, equipping your character with weapons and armor and improving your skills.
  • crop bytes . Blockchain farm, which has been working in the form of a mobile application since 2018. It received a new wave of popularity with the launch of its own token.
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New but promising projects also include Genopets, Mines of Dalarnia .

Where can I buy or sell game tokens

Blockchain game tokens are supported by almost all popular cryptocurrency exchanges.



  • uniswap
  • PancakeSwap
  • sushi

Furthermore, trading and exchanging such tokens is supported by some exchangers, telegram bots and cryptocurrency wallets.

direction perspectives

GameFi has already gained significant popularity, but analysts believe this relatively new industry still has a lot to come. For example, Tron founder Justin Sun declared recently that this industry could be the key to expanding the adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies, as GameFi makes decentralized finance easy for everyday users to understand.

New projects are released almost every day, and entire game platforms are being created, such as MOBOX , allowing people to independently create blockchain games and NFT tokens. With the entry of new investments, the sector's potential is limitless. Another factor that could further spur growth is the decentralized future that developers aspire to. We will certainly see many more innovations and improvements.


Players who have long dominated blockchain games have made money by selling NFT characters, weapons, and other objects. To do this, you can use third-party platforms (eg OpenSea) and in-game ones. Entire virtual markets have formed, allowing you to buy or sell what you need. Blockchain games and GameFi tokens are an unavoidable trend in the industry, and the rapidly increasing numbers of player coverage and engagement and token capitalization only confirm this. Access to these games, although associated with an initial cost, still presents a low barrier. Especially when it comes to applications not on Ethereum but on other blockchains with moderate fees.