Como investir em criptomoeda 2024 → Tudo que você precisa saber antes de fazer um investimento

Cryptocurrencies have been big news in recent years, with digital currencies like Bitcoin hitting the headlines after some unexpected and somewhat volatile dips and spikes in value. Cryptocurrency may have caught your attention during this media attention and maybe you are thinking about investing. Do not know where to start? In this article you will learn essential information on how to add cryptocurrencies to your own investment portfolio.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is money that does not exist in any physical form. Since the inception of the first digital Altcoin in the late 2000s, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have traditionally attracted cryptocurrencies as investors with their in-house knowledge of blockchain technology. More recently, however, they have offered an alternative to many other mainstream investors, with the added bonus of being independent of government regulation: a huge draw, especially for investors in countries with uncertain economies. 

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

As a digital currency, the Altcoin investing is only available through cryptocurrency exchange specialized . One of the most popular around the world is the Binance, which offers a platform to buy, sell and make investments. The most well-known Altcoin coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and they have made media headlines on several occasions in recent years. It is important to be aware that many other Altcoins are available and it is worth doing a little research on them before buying, but always remember that the lesser known the coin, the greater the risk of buying it.

Should I invest in cryptocurrency?

The decision to invest in cryptocurrency is entirely up to you and depends on your views on the future of digital money. There is no denying that the Altcoins saw a massive increase in value in recent years, but it is not necessarily certain that this growth will continue. The future of digital currencies is unknown, so it is fair to say that long-term investment plans involve a large element of risk.

The lack of government regulation for the cryptocurrency attracts many investors, sometimes because they are looking for some financial security away from a shaky national economy and political instability. Cyprus saw a huge increase in cryptocurrency investment due to the 2013 financial crisis, for example when investors lost confidence in traditional banks. This lack of government regulation also attracts clandestine activities, however, it should be noted that this type of activity can increase the volatility of cryptocurrencies and increase the risks associated with long-term investing. Also, you should note that enough cryptocurrency trading education is required before you take it seriously. 

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Some financial experts suggest that digital currency will eventually replace traditional currency and, of course, none of us know if this is true. If that happened, governments would have to get involved, and while the future of digital currencies would become more stable in a sense, it would change the use and value of cryptocurrency beyond recognition. So even if you believe this to be true, it doesn't negate the long-term risk when deciding whether to add cryptocurrencies to your financial portfolio.

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How much to invest in cryptocurrency?

how much to invest in cryptocurrency

As with any investment, the old adage is true about not putting all your eggs in one basket, and it's wise to remember that if you're considering a digital investment. Cryptocurrency was big news in the decade since bitcoin's launch, and offers something a little different from traditional currency, making it a potentially exciting and fun addition to an investment portfolio. It's true that the long-term future of cryptocurrency is uncertain, but risky investments can certainly go up or down, and if you're willing to take a calculated investment risk, it can pay off in the end.

Bridget Casey offers good advice in her article for Money after Graduation: “Never put more than 3% of your investment portfolio into a single investment.”

Of course, it's up to you how strictly you follow this guideline, but any investor would agree that it's unwise to jeopardize the security of all your long-term finances. It may well be worth having a percentage of your investments in cryptocurrencies so you don't lose out, but as with any investment, buy only what you can afford to lose.

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What are the advantages of investing in cryptocurrency?

advantages of investing in cryptocurrency

There are a number of advantages to investing in cryptocurrency that can help you make the decision to invest.

1. Cryptocurrencies offer protection against political and economic instability

Whether you live in Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal, cryptocurrencies regularly experience spikes in value due to an increase in investments in countries that are experiencing financial and political turmoil. The reason for this is that investors in these countries, like those in Cyprus during the 2013 financial crisis, lose confidence in government-controlled traditional banks. They are looking for a place to put their investments that are separate from this economic instability and keep their money safe, and increasingly turn to cryptocurrencies to keep their wealth out of government control.

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2. Cryptocurrencies offer anonymity and fraud protection

Cryptocurrencies are encrypted, making all transactions untraceable and anonymous. This is very attractive to many investors who want to keep their personal wealth information private. This also means that cryptocurrencies are protected from fraud as personal information is not available and coins cannot be copied or counterfeited.

3. Cryptocurrencies offer a global investment opportunity

Investing in cryptocurrency is a global opportunity. Not a single government regulates Altcoin investments, and that means anyone, anywhere can invest. All you need is funds to buy your cryptocurrency and an internet connection.

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What are the disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrency?

As an investor, you should also be aware of the downsides and risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.

1. The value of cryptocurrency is volatile

Cryptocurrencies experience what are sometimes major spikes and drops in value, and their value can be very quickly influenced by the media or financial events. Overall, its value has seen great growth in recent years, but during that time there have also been considerable drops in value that would scare the savvy investor.

2. Cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to theft and accidental loss

Digital currencies are vulnerable in the same way as any other digital commodity, and over the years, user and hacker errors have contributed to a loss of cryptocurrency that is then unrecoverable. It can also be a problem if you take your own cryptocurrency security too seriously. It is not uncommon for investors to lock their accounts online and again, once altcoins are lost, they cannot be recovered.

3. Cryptocurrency is not a commonly accepted form of currency to spend

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What are you going to do with your cryptocurrency after you buy it? Currency, by its definition, should be accepted as payment for goods or services, but there are still few places where cryptocurrencies can be spent. This is discouraging for some investors. It also means that cryptocurrency investors have a tendency to hoard their assets, which can jeopardize the long-term value of cryptocurrencies.

4. Cryptocurrency is used in many underground activities

The anonymity of cryptocurrency investing inevitably makes it attractive to underground investors involved in illegal and illicit activities such as drug and sex trafficking and terrorist activities. Investing in cryptocurrency does not mean that your own investment is illegal in any way, but investors should be aware of this black market activity so that they can make their own moral judgment about whether to invest.

5. Cryptocurrency has an environmental cost

Cryptocurrency in general and bitcoin in particular require a lot of energy to mine. Environmentally conscious investors should do their research on energy use, pollution and long-term sustainability for the environment.

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I've weighed the pros and cons and I'm ready to invest. What do I do next?

So you've decided that you would like to invest some of your wealth in cryptocurrencies. In doing so, you will join many other investors who have decided that the excitement of investing in modern blockchain-derived coins is likely to outweigh the uncertainty of their long-term future.

There is a lot of information online about cryptocurrencies and how to start investing. One of the easiest ways to get started is to visit an online platform like Binance, where you can make informed choices about when and how much to buy or sell, and which also helps you manage your investment as you go.

With so many investors joining the cryptocurrency rush, the short-term future at least appears to be secured. Do your research, assess your risks and spend only what you can afford to lose. And remember that risk doesn't necessarily mean loss, your investment may well be worth it!