Como criar minha própria criptomoeda em 2024 e Ganhar dinheiro

How to create my own cryptocurrency? Right! You don't even need to be a programmer to create your own cryptocurrency. The open source nature of the crypto-universe makes it a relatively easy task.

How to create your own cryptocurrency?

Many existing blockchain platforms can help you create your own cryptocurrency – as a community currency, a joke, a real solution to a real-world problem, or for any other reason. You can easily issue your own currency or token via:

  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • waves
  • BitShares
  • NOR
  • Komodo
  • Nxt
  • TRON
  • IOTA
  • NEO
  • cardano
  • amount

If you don't want to rely on any of these platforms, or if they don't offer the functionality you need, you can try building your own blockchain from scratch.

Of course, the latter approach is much more complicated and requires in-depth training, coding/programming skills, and a fundamental understanding of the technology.

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What is needed to create a cryptocurrency?

In the case of platforms, often not much. They make creating a cryptocurrency as easy as filling out a web form: just specify a name, how many coins you will need and a few other details, and there you have it – your own cryptocurrency!

You can find most existing blockchain open source code on GitHub. Once you have a code, you may also want to make changes to it to make sure it serves the purpose of your project.

Note that if you use an established blockchain, your currency is also safer from the start and can benefit from additional built-in features.

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If you are wondering “how to create my own cryptocurrency from scratch”, this includes building a distributed ledger that takes a lot of work. However, it will also give you more freedom and control over your currency, reason, and your resources. You can also choose to fork one of the existing open source blockchain projects, changing some of its rules to suit your purpose.

However, you should keep in mind that forking a project does not copy its entire ecosystem and stakeholders along with the code. You'll have to figure out the incentives and create a working ecosystem to make it all work. Most new cryptocurrencies are basically useless, especially if there is no one besides you to verify transactions.

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Companies that can create cryptocurrencies for you

The growing demand for blockchain-based services has spawned the growth of companies and services that create and maintain distributed ledgers for third parties. These businesses are called companies” blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) “.

They offer various blockchain-oriented solutions for different business needs. Some of them can make a specialized blockchain for you, while others can propose their own infrastructure and related solutions.

Some of the most popular BaaS companies include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Blockstream
  • chainzilla
  • chainmakers
  • LeewayHertz
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Blockchain

If your project is serious, get ready for more challenges ahead. Keeping a project successful is much more difficult than launching it. Maintenance may require more coding, teamwork, a computer network, and investments in sales and marketing if you want your currency to be known and used.