4 Melhores sites que pagam bitcoins para assistir videos 2024

Looking for websites and apps to earn bitcoins by watching videos online? Subscribe and win! This article is for you.

Today we will list the ranking of the best sites to earn bitcoins by watching videos on the internet.

It sounds weird, but it really works. To be honest, while it's a fun way to earn some free bitcoins for watching videos, don't think you'll make a lot of money that way (with the current price of bitcoin). But in fact it's really an amazing way to take advantage of that free time to earn several fractions of bitcoins called “b>satoshis that in the near future can be worth a lot of money. Seriously? Of course yes. know why:

note: If I had participated to win free bitcoin in 2009 – 2010 when bitcoin was worth less than $1 I would have accumulated a large amount that at that time it was worth almost nothing and probably today you would be one of the millionaires.

Although the value in euros or dollars of the satoshis (fractions of bitcoin) that you can earn from these sites is very small today, when the price of bitcoin is higher than the current price and if the predictions of some experts are fulfilled and one day, 1 BTC can be worth US $ 1 million, those few satoshis can turn into a lot of money.

Earn bitcoins by watching videos, how does it work?

So how does this work? How to earn bitcoins by watching videos? In general, it is a very simple task. You must register on sites like the ones mentioned below:

1st • FireFaucet

2nd• cointiply

These sites offer fractions of bitcoin in exchange for certain tasks (watching videos, taking ads, answering surveys, and performing various other tasks.)

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The registration process is also simple. When creating your account, you may also be asked to provide a bitcoin address to which you want earned bitcoins sent.

If they don't ask for a bitcoin address at first, you can indicate that later. We recommend that you provide your account's btc address Coinbase or see the list of Top: bitcoin wallets

Another good option is to provide a btc address generated in the FaucetHub, a (micro bitcoin wallet) that these sites recommend for making instant withdrawals of your earnings.

Once registered, the process to earn bitcoins by watching videos couldn't be easier. Normally, before starting, you must solve a captcha to prove that you are not a robot. So, you should simply relax and enjoy a short video of a few seconds or minutes in length.

You will be able to watch several videos each time with which you will earn some satoshis, often you need to earn a minimum amount of bitcoins to be able to make a withdrawal from your balance note that these sites also offer more others that you can explore and thus reach the limit of pay quickly

Best sites to earn bitcoins by watching videos:

Here is the ranking of the sites that pay bitcoins to watch videos the most reliable, safe:

1st Fire Faucet → best site that pays more satoshis for watching videos, answering surveys, clicking on ads, and much more, has several currencies and several ways to earn.

FireFaucet → Register Now

2nd cointiply → best site to earn bitcoin by watching videos and performing various other tasks like claiming “faucet”, answering surveys, free flash games that pay you a small amount each time you play a game, as well as betting and earning interest on your winnings “balance” is currently one of the most profitable sites.

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Cointiply → Sign Up Now

4th bittube → best site to earn bitcoin by watching videos on youtube and browsing with several videos available to watch and paying several satoshis.

Bittube → Sign Up Now