Is coolwallet good? it works? how to use | Buy and Learn to Configure

Before buying the cool wallet → read this article and find out how coolwallet is? How it works? Learn to install and configure . See all about Coolwallet how to use and what is it for? Understand why you need to start storing your digital currencies in a more secure and reliable wallet… Tips and the truth you really need to know is here in this complete step-by-step guide…

What is Coolwallet How does it work?

coolwallet launched by CoolBitX although not so popular it is the best offline wallet of last generation with the high technology and thinnest hardware wallet based on smart cards, which have a similar design to a credit card and can connect to a pc, android, ios or any device via Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC).. it's no wonder it's called cool, it's really cool.

In fact, it is the first Bitcoin wireless hardware wallet.

It is also known as a cold storage wallet as you keep your coins offline. As mentioned earlier, keeping digital currencies offline is safe as they are not exposed to hackers online. This wallet was developed by Taiwan-based company CoolBITX Technology in 2014.
The CoolWallet S hardware wallet brings a new dimension to hardware wallets. While most hardware wallets require you to connect them to your devices using the USB cable, CoolBITX introduces the first wireless hardware wallet that looks just like your traditional credit cards. Now you can easily move around with your digital hardware wallet in the form of a simple electronic card, allowing you to carry out your transaction and access your personal data wherever you go. You can simply put the card in your traditional wallet.
THE Coolwallet's purpose is not just limited to storing your digital currencies. Manufacturers saw the need to expand its uses to make it a utility card. In addition to storing your private and public keys, in the future you will be able to keep your medical records, passwords, ID numbers and your bank account details.

CoolWallet S represents the future of digital offline storage.

Hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and keepkey can only work with USB compatible devices, but the CoolWallet connects wirelessly, it can connect to any device that has Bluetooth technology and can fit perfectly in your wallet or pocket.

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Coolwallet Hardware Wallet: Key Features

*. It is not accessible to hackers, even when connected to a computer or device with malware.
*. CoolWallet S Connects to various mobile and desktop devices and operating systems and is compatible with any Bluetooth device.
*. Fits in your pocket wallet as it is the same size and shape as your regular credit cards.
*. It has a screen that shows clear numbers.
*. Until the moment I wrote the article. this wallet Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Eos and some ERC-20 tokens must have added and is adding more coins and airdrops.

CoolWallet is 100% disconnected from the internet and only sends signed transactions to your mobile.
*. It is super thin and fits well in your wallet.
*. Has a control button that you can use to navigate the card's features
*. It has a battery that lasts up to two years and is rechargeable.
*. It is heat resistant, waterproof and can bend up to 15 degrees

What's in the box:

In the box you will find the CoolWallet S card, the USB cable, the charger and a card to write down your password. Don't forget to write it down. It is crucial to recover your coins just in case you lose your wallet or forget your password. The box itself is a work of art.

CoolWallet Price

consider just buy the Coolwallet wallet with the company at the official site here « In addition to the initial cost of purchasing the device, there are no additional transaction fees charged by the wallet itself. The device costs around US $ 189, which is fair considering the features it offers.. Although it's a little pricey than other offline wallets.

Is CoolWallet S safe?

When it comes to security, you must have the most secure wallet to keep your keys private.

While most hardware wallets are safe enough, CoolWallet S goes a little higher, ensuring your coins are completely safe.

Not only are they safe from hackers but also from company staff. First, the company does not store any of your information. Any transaction carried out with the card or any data entered is completely private. You are the one with the ultimate access.

Is Coolwallet Trustworthy?

CoolWallet S
is one of the most secure hardware wallets available. Is CoolWallet S reliable? This is a question many of you probably have on your mind as this wallet is not that popular. Despite minimal online reviews, this wallet is very reliable, just as the name suggests. cool.

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Why do we recommend the Coolwallet wallet?

In addition to the various advantages that this wallet offers, here are some that stand out:

Safety » this wallet has impressive security features. It, for example, has a “watchdog” security feature that activates when the wallet is about 10 meters away from any of the paired devices. If your card is stolen and you come within 10 meters of it, your device will alert you to its presence. Furthermore, is an offline wallet which is 100% disconnected from the internet. It also has two-factor authentication feature which makes it difficult for individuals to steal their coins in cases of someone (your next) find your password or steal your Coolwallet wallet plus the CoolBitX company behind this wallet doesn't keep any of your keys or data. Everything is completely in your control. Any security breach can only be initiated by the way you use the wallet.

Customer support » If, for example, you have any questions about any functionality on your CoolWallet card, simply contact the company for clarification. If it's an urgent query, reach out to them through their social media pages for an immediate response. If not, you can just email them and they will respond shortly.

Coin backup » you receive a backup card on which you write your backup number key. Make sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place., because without this number if you lose your data in the future, you will not be able to recover your cryptocurrencies. It is possible to obtain a new Cool wallet and recover all your coins in case of loss of the wallet with the backup number noted.

Ease of use » – it is very easy to use CoolWallet S. It comes with a step by step instruction manual which is very simple to follow. When you get your card, just turn it on using the power button. Put the Bluetooth feature on and connect it to your device. That's all you need to do to make it work.

How to use CoolWallet S wallet?

Using this wallet is very simple, see how to configure this wallet more easily.

Configuring your CoolWallet:

1. Turn on your device's Bluetooth.

2. Launch the CoolWallet app and turn on your wallet.

3.When within range, your wallet serial number will appear in the app, so tap Connect.

4.Confirm your One Time Password (OTP) by entering the OTP password shown on your CoolWallet screen, then tap the “Pair with this device” button.

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5.When they are paired, generate your password, back it up in a safe place.

6.You will be prompted to do this after tapping the “+” on the wallet display screen to add a new wallet.

How to know your address to receive payment?

1.Navigate to the Receive page in the app and tap “Create new address”.

2. Scan the QR code in the app, tap “Request payment” and enter the amount.

3.Tap “Copy Address” to copy the address to the clipboard and then send it to the sender.

Sending payment:

1.Go to the submission page,

2.Scan the QR code or paste Bitcoin address from your clipboard,

3. then enter the amount (this can be in fiat or Bitcoin) and then tap “Send”.

CoolWallet S Review Summary

We took a look at the main features of the CoolWallet S. While it is not as popular as other hardware wallets, it is the first of its kind in the industry. It is a good hardware wallet that fits perfectly in your pocket. You can go anywhere with it and it's easy to use, so suitable for beginners and advanced alike.

Coolwallet quite interesting features:

Wireless connectivity.

You can connect via Bluetooth.

It is very secure considering it is an offline or cold storage device

This wallet has good security features like two-factor authentication.

CoolWallet is incredibly easy to use.

It is waterproof and can bend up to 15 degrees.

It has a power and a control button, as well as a display screen. These controls are easy to use.

It comes with a backup card for your backup

It is heat resistant.

If you are the type of person who needs a more secure and convenient way to store your Bitcoins, altcoins or cryptocurrencies, CoolWallet S is for you. Consider trying out this wallet to hold your Bitcoin and other digital currencies. You will definitely like it.

Pay your Wallet » Coolwallet on the company's official website by clicking here «