Mineração de bitcoin em nuvem ou com hardware: qual é melhor mais lucrativa em 2024?

Cryptocurrency mining has been quite profitable, and currently There are two ways to mine cryptocurrencies, with hardware and in the cloud, but which one is more profitable??.. In today's article we will make a comparison to know whether between mining cryptocurrencies on our own or with hardware and in the cloud which is the best.

So let's get to the point:

What is cloud mining?

cloud mining is when cryptocurrencies are mined using a remote datacenter with shared processing power.

A company builds mining rigs and maintains the facilities on its own, while users have to register and deposit fees for the mining contracts. Once the fees are deposited and the contract is initiated, the mining company assigns your mining hardware to your account along with the rewards generated by that mining rig. The mining company will deduct some fees before sending your rewards to your account.

Depending on the terms of your subscription, you may be required to pay additional fees for electricity and/or maintenance, often on a daily basis, which will be subtracted from your mined coins or which you will pay in advance. There are contracts that cover different periods, one year, two or more. There are even services that advertise lifetime contracts for mining Bitcoin , but that means he will mine until he makes a profit.

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What is Cryptocurrency Mining with Hardware?

Hardware mining is when users buy and manage all cryptocurrency mining hardware  and bear all necessary operating costs, liabilities and installation fees.

Mining is a process that consumes a lot of energy and generates high electric bills. Also, the hardware and fans needed to keep its temperature constant can be quite noisy depending on the brand and type.

Hardware mining is definitely a more expensive process as it requires users to make all the upfront investments, which can add up to a considerable amount, on their own. In addition, hardware delivery times can take weeks. In order to install mining rigs, users also need to possess some degree of technical knowledge.

IT cloud mining costs

When compared to hardware mining, IT cloud mining costs can be calculated in a much simpler way. Most platforms have a monthly subscription model that is determined by the cryptocurrency you want to mine, hash rate speed, and other hardware specifications.

Bitcoin mining costs with hardware

Bitcoin mining with generally requires a higher initial investment on the part of miners. The cost of a mining rig depends on a number of factors such as the cryptocurrency you intend to mine and how extensive and powerful your mining operation needs to be.

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For BTC mining, you will likely need to buy an ASIC mining rig. They are usually priced higher when compared to GPU and CPU mining rigs. Despite having higher computing power and faster hash rates, ASIC mining rigs are disadvantageous because they cannot be repurposed once the network mining difficulty increases.

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This means that if a cryptocurrency's blockchain makes modifications to its hash algorithms, ASIC miners will have to buy new hardware. This can generate significant additional costs that can easily cancel out the profits made and even lead to an overall loss of investment.

Of course, other aspects such as electricity costs must also be taken into account. The price of a kW/s varies by geographic area, making it difficult to accurately estimate how much money is needed to keep hardware platforms operational.

Note that although there are some additional costs like electricity bills to consider when mining hardware, but in many locations, electricity is cheaper and can be profitable to mine BTC.

Advantages of Cloud Mining

  • Much cheaper than hardware mining.
  • Less maintenance.
  • No long wait times for shipping.
  • Constant hash rate.
  • It does not take up physical space.
  • It does not require a cooling system, so there is no noise.
  • Efficient and automatic mining pool management.
  • Daily payments (automatic or manual).

Advantages of hardware mining

  • Better ROI.
  • No monthly subscription.
  • You can customize your equipment for better performance and yield.

Cloud mining vs hardware mining

THE hardware mining and the cloud come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to determine which form of mining is the best. There are several factors that determine which mining is the most profitable, according to the experiences of various users, this would be hardware mining. So, if you have more technical knowledge and high capital, opt for hardware mining, but if you don't, the cloud mining is an alternative or the solution.