Binance Refugee Card: a cryptocurrency card for Ukrainian refugees in Europe

cryptocurrency exchange Binance has repeatedly helped Ukraine in the midst of the military conflict with the Russian Federation. In the early days, Binance formed an emergency relief fund with the aim of providing refugees with a safe haven far enough away from the conflict. Additionally, the company has personally allocated $10 million for humanitarian aid and is cooperating with the Ministry of Digital Development on issues such as sanctions compliance, identification of Ukrainian users, and educational initiatives.

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In April 2024, another option was announced to support Ukrainians far from home. Today editors will talk about a solution like the Binance Refugee Card for refugees from Ukraine

Tips for Getting a Binance Card for Ukrainian Refugees

Many Ukrainians are now in European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Thanks to the new solution, they will be able to freely convert and spend their cryptocurrencies in stores that accept online payments (there are more than 60 million). Please be aware that refugees who contact organization websites and request a Binance Crypto card It depends also 75 BUSD monthly for three months, which corresponds to the level of charitable assistance recommended by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner.

Order and use the card – free for Ukrainian refugees. But all the conditions listed below must be met.

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Tips for receiving the Binance Refugee Crypto Card:

  • To create account at the stock brokerage.
  • Full KYC which includes facial verification and provision of Ukrainian passport. You will need to indicate your Ukrainian address, as on your identity card, and enter your full name in Latin, as on your international passport.
  • Add a phone number from any EEA country to your Binance profile (Security section). Keep in mind that after changing the number in settings, trading functionality will be limited for the next 24 hours.
  • If your name was previously indicated in Cyrillic, you need to change it to Latin and five days later start applying for the card.
  • Go to the “Finance” section -> “Card” Binance Visa".
Apply for a Binance Card
  • Click Get Started. The Binance Refugee Card is available to European citizens and Ukrainian refugees in Europe. Start the process of creating an application – check that the card initials are correct, click “Next”.
  • Set a PIN code that only you will know. Like any bank card, it is used to confirm transactions when withdrawing funds from ATMs or paying for purchases in offline stores.
  • Enter the address where you currently live in the EEA – the physical Binance Card will be sent there. Please carefully check all information provided.
  • Agree to the product terms and conditions and complete your order. After placing the order, you will immediately receive a virtual card and can use it on the Internet, and the physical one will be delivered later.

The demand for cards is high, so delivery takes at least two weeks, in some cases (depending on the state to which the shipment is made) it can take up to eight weeks. In any case, if 45 days have passed and you still haven't received your card, there is a risk of losing it during delivery.

Using the Binance Refugee Card

Binance Card

To start using your Binance Card, you need to top up it. It’s simple – transfer assets to your card account from your cash wallet by clicking “Recharge” on the card page. Enter the amount and confirm the action. You can select priority currencies for debit, that is, deposit different cryptocurrencies and specify the sequence of your debit when paying by card.

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Binance Card Limits for Ukrainian refugees:

  • Virtual card – 500 EUR per day
  • Physical card – 2,000 EUR per day for purchases and 200 EUR for cash withdrawals

Commission Rates:

  • Payment and withdrawal transactions – up to 0.9%
  • The initial issuance of the card is free, renewal costs 25 euros.
  • There are no fees for account closure or inactivity for a year.

Additionally, cashback from 0.1% to 8% is offered, the value of which is determined based on how much BNB the user has in the exchange's wallet.

How to pay with Binance Refugee Card in online stores:

  • Visit a website that supports card payment.
  • Select the product you want to buy, fill in the requested data and select the payment option by bank card.
  • Copy the card information from the Binance website and fill in the fields in the online store.
  • Confirm payment and wait for confirmation.
  • Once you receive a physical card, you can pay with it in offline stores with a POS terminal in the same way as you normally do with a bank card.
  • Details of all transactions are on the card page and can be viewed by logging into your exchange account.

The card details – number, CVV code, expiry date – are opened by clicking the “Show details” button. To view, your phone number must be verified. Also on the map page you can “Freeze” or “Unfreeze” at any time.

Common questions

What is the Binance Card?

A physical VISA card that Binance exchange users can apply for to spend cryptocurrencies around the world with instant conversion.

How long does it take to deliver the card?

From 2 to 8 weeks.

Is there a Binance virtual card?

Yes, and you can start using it immediately after registering, without waiting for physical delivery.

How to apply for a Binance card for Ukrainians and get it for free?

To apply for a Binance card for Ukrainians, the user must meet certain conditions: have a Ukrainian address and passport and currently reside as a refugee in one of the EEA countries.

How to activate Binance Refugee Card?

Activation as such is not required. Once you receive the card, you need to load it into your account and start using it.

Is Binance Card safe?

Yes, it is quite a lot. Obviously, you should not disclose your card details, such as the CVV code, to anyone.

What are the card fees?

Up to 0.9%. You can receive cashback if you have BNB tokens in your account.

What are the limits for refugees on using the product?

You can spend no more than 500 EUR per day with a virtual card and no more than 2,000 EUR with a physical card, and also withdraw a maximum of 200 EUR from an ATM daily.


The main objective that Binance wants to achieve by issuing the Binance Refugee Card to refugees from Ukraine is to support people who find themselves in difficult conditions by providing them with a simple and convenient payment instrument with which they can spend cryptocurrencies where they currently live. . In this, Binance follows its strategy of actively participating in humanitarian initiatives. The broker cooperates with many non-governmental organizations, including Palyanitsa, Rotary Club Kyiv International, Truhoma, PIN (People in Need), iSans.

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