6 Melhores formas para ganhar dinheiro com Defi finanças descentralizadas 2024

DeFi is opening up more and more passive income opportunities. Some of them are more complex, some are, on the contrary, very simple and accessible even for beginners. In this article we will consider the best ways to make money with Defi.

What are DeFi?

DeFi is decentralized finance or open finance, financial applications that harness the power of Blockchain to build open finance.

To put it simply, DeFi includes all current financial activities like depositing, withdrawing, lending, buying and selling, insurance, etc. DeFi was born to simplify all transactions in the financial market with just a smartphone and internet connection.

Note that DeFi is an area that uses Blockchain technology but is not part of the blockchain. In short, DeFi eliminates the third-party intermediary, reducing costs, increasing transparency and user security through smart contracts.

The creators of DeFi aim to:

  • Want to get rid of traditional banks and brokerages.
  • Facilitating faster, more cost-effective financial transactions, with no minimum transaction value, no bureaucracy, but still completely transparent.

How to make money with DeFi

Earn by providing liquidity

Many of the DeFi protocols operate in what are known as liquidity pools – pools of tokens locked in a smart contract. They are used to facilitate trading by providing liquidity and are widely used by the next generation of decentralized exchanges. This mechanic became popular after the release of Uniswap.

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On exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, trading is based on an order book. Traditional stock exchanges work the same way. Sellers try to sell the asset at the highest possible price and buyers try to buy it at the lowest possible price. When the buyer and seller agreed on the price, the deal was done.

In decentralized finance, trade is reproduced in a different way. Each liquidity pool contains two tokens and creates a market for that specific pair. For example, the popular liquidity pool on Uniswap is DAI/ETH.

Now, how to make money from it. To ensure that pools always have assets, the platforms encourage users to deposit funds. A liquidity provider (LP) receives special tokens, called LP tokens, in proportion to the amount of liquidity provided to the wallet. LP receives a certain percentage of the commission for each transaction in the pool where they deposited funds.

Earn by investing in DeFi tokens

Similar to ICO and IEO, IDO (Initial DEX Offer) is also a way to issue coins for the first time, but the difference here is that it is issued on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

One way to make money from decentralized assets is to play with price increases. The peculiarity of the sphere now is that within hours of launch, the token can increase in price by hundreds and thousands of percent and then either rapidly drop in price or continue to grow. It is not surprising that the investment field is in great demand.

P2P loans

This form allows you to earn profits by accruing interest on your loans.

Basically, you lend your assets to margin traders on a cryptocurrency platform and they pay you interest in exchange for lending you the money. You can choose from many types such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance USD (BUSD), Tether (USDT), Dao, 0x… DeFi expands BTC lending (2017) to a variety of lending with multiple options of encryption.

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There are usually two types of loan: fixed package and flexible package.

  • Fixed means you lock your money for a predetermined period and interest rate.
  • In contrast, the flexible plan allows you to withdraw your money at any time, but the interest rate changes from time to time.

Farming pool / Yield Farming

Farming pool is a method used to maximize the return on investment of DeFi investors with various products in the DeFi ecosystem.

While there are many methods to optimize profits using the yield pool, the most common approach is to use liquidity tokens provided by DeFi platforms.

Yield Farming refers to the process of locking cryptographic assets on platforms that provide lending and lending services. Typically, liquidity pools hold these funds to provide liquidity across the networks.

Token holders and investors, also known as income producers, generate passive income in DeFi through this strategy. Furthermore, in addition to interest rates ranging from 0.25% to over 150%, they also receive a portion of the platform tokens as an incentive.

Instead of putting coins, tokens or stablecoins in a crypto wallet, putting assets in a decentralized financial fund offers more lucrative but high-risk opportunities. Yield Farming involves lending cryptocurrencies, providing liquidity and earning rewards.

Earn with Staking

Coin staking are cryptocurrencies that you can contribute to the Blockchain Proof of Stake (PoS). PoS is a Blockchain's consensus mechanism to ensure that the Blockchain works properly.

Coin stakeout will allow holders of that coin to decide on the network. They can vote on governance decisions and monetize their assets.

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These tokens are used to help validate transactions, operate nodes and maintain the Blockchain. While there are many alternative ways of stakeout coins popping up, staking coins via Blockchain Proof of Stake is still the best way to make money.

Earn with leverage on DEX

Margin trading  (leveraged trading) is a method of trading using borrowed funds, thanks to which you can use many times more amounts to trade than the user has. In the DeFi realm, margin traders borrow cryptocurrencies from decentralized credit protocols powered by smart contracts.

Those who wish to can make money from it - give away your unused cryptocurrency as a percentage. It is possible to receive 5-20% from loans for margin traders.


To choose the right way to make money from DeFi assets, it's best to try everything – fortunately, the threshold for entering them is minimal. Protocols work even with the smallest amounts. And thanks to its transparency, you'll be able to follow the situation of the market and your equity at any time so you don't miss the right moment to deposit or withdraw funds.