4 Melhores formas de converter bitcoin em dinheiro real de verdade 2024

Currently Bitcoin is considered a much better investment opportunity than traditional fiat currency and even gold.

Considering that the supply of Bitcoin is limited (and we are rapidly approaching the end of its mining process), its value is expected to increase in the future. However, if you are not interested in selling your Bitcoin for HODL, then it makes sense to sell it for an internationally accepted fiat currency.

Some of the easiest ways to convert BTC are to EUR or GBP, but most of the time, it's to USD, the US dollar. Fortunately, nowadays, there are numerous ways to convert Bitcoin to USD and below are some

cryptocurrency exchanges

When it comes to converting Bitcoin to USD (or any other popular fiat currency), cryptocurrency exchanges are definitely the most obvious choices for most of us. The easiest way to exchange Bitcoin for fiat is to locate the exchanges that accept fiat that work in your country. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are: Binance , kucoin, HitBTC

Bitcoin debit cards

Bitcoin debit cards work like most other point-of-sale or ATM debit cards. The main difference between Bitcoin debit cards and their fiat counterparts is that the card is taken from a cryptocurrency wallet and not from a bank account.

These cards can be loaded with Bitcoin (or any other compatible cryptocurrency) and offer their users a unique and quick way to convert Bitcoin to USD (or most other local currencies). Some of the best Bitcoin debit cards currently on the market are: wirex , SpectroCoin and coinbase.

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Peer to Peer (P2P) Exchanges

The main problem with the most popular exchanges is the fact that they are centralized, which can alienate some privacy-minded users. For those who want a little more privacy when exchanging Bitcoin, P2P trading is a much better solution. P2P cryptocurrency exchanges have less volume, but most of them do not have KYC verification (know your customer).

It is important to note that these P2P exchanges do not hold your money as they act as intermediaries between you and the seller. In short, these services allow you to get physical money from shoppers by arranging a date. The top peer-to-peer P2P cryptocurrency exchanges are: paxfull, LocalBitcoins.

Lending Platforms cryptocurrencies

Another very good option when it comes to converting your hard-earned Bitcoin into dollars is using a Bitcoin lending platform . Lending bitcoins is very similar to how regular banks work: the borrower must pay back the money plus interest and fees over a predefined period of time.

Some of the best cryptocurrency lending platforms and P2P platforms that support cryptocurrency lending are as follows: Binancebond , BTCPOP , and xCoins .

Online digital wallets

Converting Bitcoin to USD is also possible with the help of various online digital wallets. More specifically, you can send the coins to any supported digital wallet, such as Amazon, PayPal or Apple Pay). The only downside to this method is the fact that you get digital fiat in exchange for your Bitcoin (which means you can only shop online).

Direct purchase with Bitcoin

If you don’t really need to “hold” the dollars exchanged with Bitcoin, then you can opt for any merchant that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. With Bitcoin adoption on the rise today, there will be a greater number of stores and online retailers that will accept it in the future. 

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Bitcoin ATM

While they may seem like a new concept, Bitcoin ATMs have been around for years, despite their relative scarcity. Bitcoin ATMs represent a very good way to buy Bitcoin with fiat, but also to convert Bitcoin to dollars without much work. Its functionality is somewhat similar to the common ATMs we use on a daily basis.

All you need to do is locate the Bitcoin ATMs that support sales transactions, so make sure you check before actually going there. 


Before we conclude, there is an extra method of turning Bitcoin into cash, which is to sell them to your friends or family, especially if they are interested in starting with Bitcoin . The best thing is, by doing this, you can both save money on transaction fees.

We hope that the methods listed above will help you to get a general idea of the multiple possibilities of converting Bitcoins to US Dollars. However, it is very important to do your own research before committing to any of the methods described above.