5 Best ethereum faucets 2023

Ethereum is currently the second most important cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization: thanks to a very solid project based on a platform for creating and publishing decentralized or smart peer-to-peer contract applications.

This currency therefore represents a new way of understanding the blockchain in relation to Bitcoin showing huge potentials: so if you live in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, or any country in the world and you are interested in earning free ethereum without any investment and with zero risk this post is for you, here is a list of the best reliable and paying Ethereum faucets.

Best ethereum faucets:

1st FireFaucet → best auto faucet ethereum and other coins with immediate payments or pay directly to your wallet faucetpay. There are various earning methods, clicking on PTC ads, earning ethereum by playing games, shortening links, and completing various other tasks available on the site.

FireFaucet → Sign Up Now

2nd FaucetCrypto → best site to earn ethereum in 2022 in addition you can earn another 25 altcoins available and can claim every 4 minutes, making it one of the most profitable sites to earn free cryptocurrencies just by performing various tasks.

Join FaucetCrypto→ Create Your Account

3rd Dutchycorp  → best ethereum faucet that pays directly to your wallet one of my favorites since 2021, has been one of the most recommended where you can earn eth and more than 11 altcoins by playing, clicking on ads or performing various tasks and offers, earning every 3 minutes, making it one of the most profitable options.

Dutchycorp  → register now

4th autofaucet → best ethereum faucet in 2022 a
the safest and most reliable one of the best faucets to earn eth for free with more than 5 altcoins available you can claim each altcoin every 60 minutes.

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 autofaucet → Sign Up Now

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5th esfaucets → one of the best sites that pay in ethereum paying several satoshi on time and straight to the wallet where you can claim satoshi every 5 minutes and with immediate payment to your wallet.

Esfaucets → Register Now


This is the list of the best sites to earn free ethereum without any investment and with zero risk, the safest and most reliable that really pay.

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Actually making money from faucets is definitely not going to make you rich, but they are always a good idea to take our time and earn some free digital coins!