4 Melhores jogos para ganhar criptomoedas 2024 |→ top sites e app

Here's how to earn free bitcoins quickly by playing online games. Are you an avid gamer with an unsurpassed passion for online gaming? If yes, then you cannot escape games to earn free cryptocurrencies online. Now every day everyone is looking for how to earn bitcoins by playing for free without investment as it is one of the most popular digital currencies.

Best games to earn bitcoin:

Can you believe that by playing games you can earn bitcoin for free. Most games will give you a certain amount of satoshis depending on how far you go or how big your high score is.

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There are many types of games you can play to win such as quiz games, PokemonGo based game, trading games, flash games, business and investment games, mobile app games, MMO games, Mining games,
Flash games, treasure hunt games and many more recently released.
These games are free and do not require any deposit, you can earn bitcoin by playing on android, pc, ios, etc.

Here we list some of the best trusted and safest sites to play and earn bitcoins:

Cryptocurrency mining games

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Mining games are designed to provide the user with a minimum amount of hashrates, with the possibility to increase it by performing small tasks or making upgrades. These are often games that require a minimum of daily effort.

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1st rollercoin → best free bitcoin mining game. You can login via Facebook or register via email, so you can start mining bitcoins right away.

Within the game there are some mini-games you can do to increase your hash power. Undoubtedly, Rollercoin has an excellent game, well thought out, with retro but very fascinating graphics, earning free bitcoins just by playing.

Rollercoin → Register Now

2nd cointiply → one of the best bitcoin gambling sites has a variety of ways to earn coins including offers and tasks, tap a tap, watch videos and earn interest on any balance over the minimum payment amount you have with them. They also have a wide range of free flash games that pay you a small amount each time you play a game these days. is one of the most profitable websites.

Cointiply → Sign Up Now

3rd freebitcoin → one of the best sites currently that has a simple but ingenious game that allows you to win up to $ 200 in BTC: every 60 minutes it spins and tries to make 10,000. Even if you are not that lucky, you win each round which is very useful. If you like to take a risk, you can also try to multiply your winnings by playing Hi-Lo.

4th Bitcoin → best site to earn Bitcoins playing 2020, where you earn bitcoin by making free bets

The game made available is very simple, just choose the amount you want to bet and the degree of difficulty of the game, the more difficult, the greater the reward.
To start playing, the platform gives the user free satoshis for fun.
The minimum withdrawal for the bitcoin wallet is 200 thousand satoshi. And then have fun:

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Bitkong → Create Your Account

Join Freebitcoin → Create your account


It is important to understand that you will not earn a lot of money/bitcoins just by playing. On the contrary, it is a pleasure, which is accompanied by a small reward. Therefore, it is necessary to be interested not only in how honest the owners are, but also in whether the game itself is interesting to you.

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Earning bitcoins by playing for free has become very popular among gaming users recently. There is a double benefit here. First, the user is no longer tied to a desktop computer and can even receive an additional income for what they love most, wherever there is Internet access. Second, the player is satisfied.