5 Melhores protocolos DeFi 2024

The implementation of technology in finance and banking has been instrumental in transforming the way we handle transactions globally. Although currently the entire central banking system is still centralized, experts believe that decentralization could be the future. Decentralized finance has been a boon to those who strove to explore a new path, not just in the banking sector, but in the entire realm of finance. Virtual currency enthusiasts know that in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, DeFi has certainly become an exciting area of focus. In this article, we present a list of 10 DeFi cryptocurrency projects that will impact the future of finance.

Let's look at some of these DeFi protocols that are all set to change the finance game for good and globally.


Haha was founded in 2017 and is one of the most influential DeFi platforms today, it has all the credentials needed to replace traditional finance because it features a proper decentralized market that allows for digital currency lending and lending. Borrowing and borrowing is considered one of the most basic functions of a bank and, if it can be offered by a DeFi protocol, it has already caught the attention of robust financiers. Smart contracts assure borrowers and lenders that the system will work the way it should. It allows individual users on the DeFi platform to earn interest with no liability involved.


Like most other DeFi platforms, the compound also runs on the Ethereum blockchain and was built in 2018. It allows users to borrow or utilize cryptographic collateral. The protocol also allows users to access the liquidity pool and allows crypto lovers to deposit different types of cryptocurrencies for business purposes. The protocol automatically regulates its rates based on user demand and supply, made possible by a smart contract. Therefore, this encourages many users to earn their interest from the pooled liquidity pool.

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Curve Finance

The Curve Finance is, in essence, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that helps users exchange and trade Ethereum. Curve Finance is also concerned with providing liquidity to the DeFi market. One of the best things about Karolina is her unique and pioneering strategy to introduce liquidity through the introduction of a market making algorithm. This algorithm buys and sells cryptocurrencies based on the bidding benefit and asking price spread.

Another unique feature of Curve Finance is that it allows users to exchange stablecoins with low mining fees. This is a big advantage when each DeFi platform depends on cryptographic value volatility to fuel its liquidity.


Let's admit it! We were all waiting for this meme, right? uniswap is one of the biggest names when it comes to DeFi protocols. It has almost zero fees for listing coins, and users can control their funds safely and effortlessly. This presents a huge advantage over any centralized exchange.

What makes Uniswap unique is that it has two main smart contracts, the exchange smart contract and the factory smart contract. Each Smart contract has its own purpose and as they both work independently, the whole process is smooth with almost 0 interventions. The factory agreement takes care of adding new tokens to the platform. The exchange contract, as the name implies, is careful to allow the exchange and trading of tokens.


DAO, as you may know, stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. THE MakerDAO is a DeFi lending platform, and it is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is built to support your native stablecoin and provide price stability. This protocol allows an easy option for people to create a collateralized debt position on the blockchain network. This is, in essence, a way to borrow cryptography from the protocol. Once the transaction is approved and closed, the tokens are completely burned, ensuring that there are no residual tokens.

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Synthetic uses the Ethereum network and its native standard smart contract. As the name implies, this protocol allows for the issuance of synthetic assets. Synthetic assets is a general term that can include anything like gold or silver or fiat or even cryptocurrencies for that matter.

The protocol effectively tracks the prices of these digital assets and gives users the option to exchange their token for these assets. Synthetix has brought to market some of the most essential volatility features and helped create mature market platforms. This has been instrumental in increasing exposure to digital currency that may not have previously been accessible to crypto investors.


Yearn.Finance is a DeFi aggregated platform that focuses on lending, lending and one of the most fabulous methods of earning income in the DeFi ecosystem, cash farming. Like most other DeFi protocols, even Yearn.Finance operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yearn.Finance is concerned with increasing any individual's profit on agricultural production platforms that provide stablecoins. It automatically switches between different lending platforms and this makes it much more profitable than any other form of investment. It's almost like a mutual fund where the platform itself is concerned with investing in places that can maximize profit for the user. There are several standalone products that Yearn.Finance provides to users.


You might be wondering what this amazing breakfast has to do with DeFi. It is a DeFi app that allows blockchain developers to launch their own crypto projects, exchange cryptocurrencies, make cryptocurrency and even stake their crypto assets for long-term revenue. It is developed, unlike most others, on Binance Smart Chain. This blockchain created by one of the most renowned crypto exchanges in the world has all the credentials needed to replace Ethereum as a blockchain for DeFi. While the fact that there is no upper limit for the native token is a cause for concern, the utility value generated by the pancakeswap takes the cake… Literally!

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As the website claims, this platform makes you a DeFi chef! You can do everything you would likely do in the traditional financial space with SushiSwap . This includes, but is not limited to, lending, borrowing, leveraging, exchanging, earning and stacking. This increases total liquidity to over $ 4 billion and over $ 100 billion in total volume. It supports 14+ different blockchains and 20 different wallets. He has partnered with several DeFi spaces such as Aave and Yearn.Finance.


FalconSwap is a second layer protocol for DeFi on Ethereum. It has added benefits including, but not limited to, lower gas rates, improved privacy, and aggregation. It has two main offers, the hawk pool and the hawk exchange. It has integrated and collaborated with various protocols, portfolios and exchanges that have been committed to increasing decentralization in finance. FalconSwap allows for less instantaneous transactions and has no input from the front stirrups. So, you can be sure that all the liquidity and numbers that FalconSwap is proud of are completely real.