2 Melhores plataformas para comprar bitcoin com gift card 2024 |→ Vice-versa

Today I bring you the best sites to buy bitcoin with a gift card and vice versa.

Without a doubt Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, especially with the current increase in its value.

Benefits of exchanging your gift card for cryptocurrency

Well, a big advantage of exchanging your gift card or gift cards into Bitcoins is that this is an investment type. If your gift card is kept in your wallet, you will not make any profit from it. At the same time, if you exchange it for Bitcoins, you will receive a digital currency that tends to increase your course. So, after a while, Bitcoins can be much more valuable than your gift card. That's why we're here to help you. Then

There is a solution!

You can buy bitcoin using Gift card from any retailer. All you need to do is grab a gift card from places like Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, itunes, Target, Walmart, Panera Bread, etc…. Even Visa and MasterCard gift cards can work.

Simple steps to pay bitcoin with gift card:

Here are some steps to buy Bitcoin with your favorite gift cards:

1. Get your card → gift card

Most Bitcoin sellers will want to see a picture of the current gift card code on the back of the card, along with the receipt the store gives you when you buy it. E Some sellers may accept codes online or electronically.

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2. Find a Bitcoin seller who accepts gift cards

Once you have the gift card, visit one of the websites paxful or LocalBitcoins, sign up, which is very simple and only takes a few minutes…

3. Start a Trade → Trading

Search or browse by Bitcoin sellers who accept gift cards and start a business with them.

Below are some tips on how to stay safe and protect your assets.

If you have an e-gift card code, make sure you find a seller who accepts it as a form of payment and follow all instructions.

4. Conduct the transaction

As soon as the seller receives the code for your “gift card” and checks that the funds are available, they will release the Bitcoins from the deposit and you will have immediate access to them on the platform you are trading on…

5. Check your Bitcoins and Say Thank You

Congratulations, you just buy Bitcoin with gift card!

Be sure to leave feedback for the seller and then you can go visit their wallet page to see your new Bitcoin balance!

Simple, easy and effective.

6. Remember to stay safe

Although both the paxful how much the LocalBitcoins are respected and trusted sites, this does not mean that every seller is as reputable or trustworthy:

Only deal with trusted sellers.

1. Look at the feedback ratings and whether or not the information has been verified by the site.

2. Be sure to take photos of your multi-step transaction.

2. Keep a record of everything you can send to site owners in case there's any funny business.

Best Platforms to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Gift Cards

Here are the best sites to buy bitcoin with gift card or buy gift card with bitcoin vice versa:

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1st LocalBitcoins → best site to buy bitcoin with gift card this is one of the most popular marketplaces to buy and sell Bitcoins. It provides an easy way to find a seller or buyer who will consider the exchange on mutually beneficial terms, so it is easy to buy Bitcoins with a gift card.

LocalBitcoins → Sign Up Now

2nd paxful → one of the best p2p platform to buy or sell bitcoin with gift card, in addition to more than 250 other payment methods available.

Paxful → Create Your Account


No matter if you live in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, or other country, these are the best sites to buy cryptocurrencies “bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin” with amazon gift card or from any retailer or website.