5 Melhores altcoins para minerar em 2024

Did you know that mining virtual currencies is one of the most reliable and safe ways to earn cryptocurrencies by investing or mining for free?

If you are already an expert in the cryptocurrency market or if you follow our blog, you must already be aware of the mining of virtual currencies. If you are a newbie, I recommend you read the article → What is mining and how does it work. And now, have you ever wondered which are the most profitable virtual coins for mining? Exactly.

Probably, when you think about making money from mining, it comes to your mind that you need to buy one, at most two installations – about 8 to 10 video cards. In this case, mining, the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin will not be relevant for you, because to mine at least a moment, you will need to spend a lot of electricity and time, which is why mining altcoins will become the best option. Or else you should look at cloud mining forget about all other costs and just invest and profit.

Best coins to mine

Here is the list of
best altcoins to mine in the cloud or on your own:
– Bitcoin
– Litecoin
– Bitcoin Cash
– Dash
– Ethereum
– Monero
– Dogecoin


If you, however, have decided to participate in mining, pay attention to these 6 cryptocurrencies, indicated above. And note that they can be mined on their own or in cloud mining platforms