2 Melhores encurtadores de links que pagam em bitcoin 2024

Did you know that you can earn bitcoin by shortening links?, In today's article I bring you the ranking of the best url shorteners that pay in bitcoins. Check here and find out which is the best link shortener that pays in bitcoin and ethereum one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrencies and altcoins in a simpler and faster way just by posting, sharing or promoting links on facebook, youtube, whatsapp, telegram, twitter and other social networks...

Best url shorteners that pay in bitcoin:

1st ShortenNet → best link shortener that pays in bitcoin 2021, one of the most reliable and safe in brazil top shortener that has an excellent CPM and with events on special days where you can double your earnings very simply, it is currently one of the best options in the world. market.

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3rd• MeauP → the best link shortener that pays in cryptocurrencies 2021, excellent shortener to monetize your youtube channel or download blog and earn bitcoin has excellent CPM for all countries and has been best shortener to earn bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bch currently in addition to paying in cryptocurrencies, you also pay via Paypal, in addition you earn a bonus of 1 dollar for registering +50% when referring the site to your friends.

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3rd TMEARN → best site to earn bitcoin by shortening links, one of the most profitable and best url shortener that pays in bitcoin, my favorite since 2020, which pays up to US$$10 per thousand clicks becoming an excellent option currently with a minimum bitcoin cashout of just US $5.

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4th exe.io → best site to earn bitcoin by shortening link, paying high CPM fee US $3 dollars per thousand clicks from all countries and a very low minimum withdrawal in addition to bitcoin has several other payments, Paypal, Payeer including Western Union

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4th exe.io → best site to shorten url and earn bitcoin, paying the highest CPM up to 160 dollars for 10 thousand visits, the top promoters still earn several bonuses daily. Top to earn more bitcoin?

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There is no secret. To earn more money in bitcoins by posting links to companies on the internet, you need to create an account with one of the shorteners, shorten any link of your choice and publicize as much as possible on social networks, formú, blogs, and you can also earn several Satoshi by posting links shortened in the descriptions of your videos.