4 Melhores torneiras Faucetpay 2024

FaucetPay (Faucets) is currently considered the best, most reliable and secure micro-wallet supports Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Blackcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Bitcore and Potcoin faucets.

FaucetPay also has its own games – Lottery, Rock – Paper. Our favorite thing about Faucetpay is chatting. There users and faucet owners can discuss and talk with each other and earn various satoshi. You can earn a lot of satoshi just for posting in the chat and you can do a lot more by performing various tasks in the faucets below. Here you will find all the best FaucetPay faucets that pay the most


If you want to start earning bitcoins and other virtual currencies for free and without having to invest a lot of time, I advise you to start as follows:

1. Create an online wallet (wallet)

Create a wallet, I advise using Coinpayments a wallet that supports over 1000 digital currencies or the Coinbase, it is easy to use and you can store, buy/sell various types of cryptocurrencies.

2. Create a FaucetPay account

You only need an email to create an account and store your virtual coins. official website FaucetPay here and create an account, it's free.

Create an account on tap using the same email as

FaucetPay-using faucets- sends your earnings directly to your faucetpay account all you have to do now is sign up for faucet with the same email you used on faucetpay and link the deposit address generated in faucetPay

Best faucets for faucetpay:

If you are interested in earning virtual coins and getting paid to receive payments on faucetPay, here is a list of the most reliable and secure faucetPay sites with immediate payments:

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1st FireFaucet → one of the best sites to earn free coins on faucetpay, which pays the most one of my favorites since 2021 which pays in automatic mode.

•Participate: Firefaucet → Register Now

2nd Crypto Faucet → best multicoin faucet 2024 the safest and most reliable one of the best faucet to earn free coins like bitcoin and more than 9 altcoins available being able to claim each coin every 60 minutes.

Crypto Faucet → Join Now

3rd autofaucet → best faucet that pays directly on expresscrypto, the most recommended multcoin faucet where you can earn more than 5 promising altcoins by playing, clicking on ads or performing various tasks and earn every minute.

• Participate: Autofaucet → Create Your Account Now

4th esfaucets → one of the best sites that pay satoshis on the spot and straight to the wallet where you can claim satoshi every 5 minutes and with immediate payment to your wallet.

Esfaucets → Register Now

5th Coinpayu ⌇ adbtc Top 2 best websites to earn bitcoins by clicking on ads that pay directly to your faucetpay wallet.

6th FaucetPay  → the best micro-wallet and most reliable faucet in 2024 designed to receive payments from earnings claimed on other faucets or faucets.
You can also earn on the platform in many ways, convert currencies, deposit and withdraw currencies at a super low rate.

FaucetPay → Register Now

Microwallet faucetPay: Why use a microwallet?

It's understandable: you might be wondering what all this means. Why create a micro wallet instead of sending funds directly to our official wallet? Those who are more involved in the cryptocurrency world will know about services called 'faucets'.

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These Faucets are platforms that allow you to earn very small amounts of a cryptocurrency in exchange for a specific task. They usually involve viewing ads, playing games or downloading an app.
In the case of bitcoin faucets, some satoshis, the smallest unit of BTC, which is equivalent to 0.0000001 BTC, are generated. The reason for creating microwallets is that most wallets cannot generate small transactions: network fees would nullify them. Micro wallets are connected to various faucet services, so they can receive these micropayments and store them temporarily, until a certain threshold is reached, which is useful enough to be sent to your official wallet.

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