5 Melhores faucets bitcoins e altcoins 2024 |→ Criptomoedas grátis

The world of cryptocurrencies is interesting but complex at first.

earning free virtual coins in faucets allows us to accumulate small amounts of Bitcoin, Litecoin, ethereum, cardano, zcash, Nem and several other Altcoins making it a good way to start understanding how cryptocurrencies work.

Bitcoin faucets also known as bitcoin faucets are simple websites that offer fractions of Bitcoins, called satoshi, at predetermined time intervals.

Using a Bitcoin Faucet to earn Bitcoins for free by performing various tasks and allows you to get in touch with the world of cryptocurrencies in a simple, practical and risk-free way, as well as build a small wallet to start experimenting with. investments or negotiation → trading.

So note that in addition to using the bitcoin address the faucets also use the popular microwallets: a faucetpay and ExpressCrypto to collect your winnings.

Best bitcoin faucets:

If you are interested in making money with bitcoin faucets for free or with little effort, below is the list of the best bitcoin faucets → the most profitable, safe and paying:

1st FireFaucet → best bitcoin auto faucet 2024 and other coins with immediate payments ie faucet that pays directly at faucetpay. There are various earning methods, clicking on PTC ads, earning ethereum by playing games, shortening links, and completing various other tasks available on the site. If you like faucet with automated gains this faucet is for you.

FireFaucet → Sign Up Now

2nd Crypto Faucet → best multicoin faucet 2024 the safest and most reliable one of the best faucet to earn free coins like bitcoin and more than 9 altcoins available being able to claim each coin every 60 minutes.

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Crypto Faucet → Join Now

3rd FaucetPay  → the best micro-wallet and most reliable faucet in 2024, designed to receive payments from earnings claimed on other faucets or faucets.
You can also earn on the platform in many ways, convert currencies, deposit and withdraw currencies at a super low rate.

FaucetPay → Register Now

4th rollercoin best site to earn bitcoins playing video games 2024, platform to earn free cryptocurrencies in a more fun way. You can login via Facebook or register via email, so you can start playing and mining bitcoins right away.

Within the game there are some mini-games you can do to increase your hash power. Undoubtedly, Rollercoin has an excellent game, well thought out, with retro but very fascinating graphics, earning free bitcoins just by playing.

Rollercoin → Register Now

5th freebitcoin → best bitcoin faucet 2024

As they state on their website, you are able to earn up to $$ 200 in Bitcoins. Playing and performing the various tasks available on the site! So far, there are more than 9 million users, who have won 125k Bitcoins. That's great!

The minimum claim per visit is 0.000005B and the maximum claim is 1,000B. You can visit it again every 60 min, and payment is made weekly to your Bitcoin Wallet (minimum payment is 0.0001B). And so what are you waiting for?

Join Freebitcoin → Sign Up Now

6th cointiply → trusted bitcoin faucet has an android app paying for more than 5 years here you can increase your reward by 400% by claiming daily, 25$ daily prize for the top 10 most active members!

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Join Cointiply → Create your account

7th autofaucet → best faucet that pays directly on expresscrypto, the most recommended multcoin faucet where you can earn more than 5 promising altcoins by playing, clicking on ads or performing various tasks and earn every minute.

• Participate: Autofaucet → Create Your Account Now

8th esfaucets → one of the best sites that pay satoshis on the spot and straight to the wallet where you can claim satoshi every 5 minutes and with immediate payment to your wallet.

Esfaucets → Register Now

Other best Altcoins faucets

Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency, also known to the less experienced. But today there are many alternatives, called Altcoins, that aim to improve the characteristics of the big sister. Here we present the lists of Faucet Altcoin, which have shown over time to be the most solid or to have the greatest potential, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero among others.

Currently worth less than Bitcoin, these digital currencies are provided or can be won in the faucets below where you can earn various virtual currencies of your choice and in a good amount: this means that, pending their increase in value, it is now possible to build a good portfolio for the future, without investment and with zero risk:

1st Althub → best faucet that pays directly on Faucetpay, multcoin faucet and top most recommended where you can earn more than 5 promising altcoins by playing, clicking on ads or performing various tasks and earn every minute.

• Participate: Althub → Create Your Account Now

2nd Dutchycorp → new faucet to earn bitcoin in 2024 one of the best faucet to earn bitcoin and 6 more altcoins available being able to claim every 4 minutes, making it one of the most profitable sites to earn free cryptocurrencies. What are you waiting for?

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Join Dutchycorp → Create Your Account

3rd AutoClaims → Multi-AutoFaucet, Ptc, shortlinks, offerwalls, to earn altcoins and has several ways to earn.

4th coinpayu ⌇ adbtc Top 2 best websites to earn bitcoins by clicking ads.

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Tips and Strategies to earn coins faster

Here are some tips to earn digital coins in faucets faster.

Dica: split the screen or open multiple/Tab tabs and start browsing all or multiple sites at once

Tip 2: For autoFaucets just start the auto faucet and leave the tab open and work in another tab/window and earn coins quietly.


This is the list of the best sites to make money with free bitcoin faucet and altcoins, the safest and most reliable that actually pay for real. They sure won't make you rich, but they're always a good idea for those who want to earn some free digital coins!

If you have more ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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