5 Best Exchanges to Trade Metaverse Tokens in 2024

Metaverse Tokens – promising trading assets that can generate income if the trader is careful enough. The most convenient way to trade them is on cryptocurrency exchanges, since these platforms are maximally suitable for risk control and prompt execution of transactions. The editors of cryptomais.com said about exchanges (CEX and DEX) for trading metaverse tokensthe most popular. All the sites you see in the list are reliable and proven, they have been working in their field for several years. Other exchanges can be viewed on aggregators.

Exchange name Link Works in Brazil and in several countries Metaverse Tokens Mandatory verification Demo account Reservation Test trading commissions
Binance binance.com yes SLP, DAR, MANA, sand, ALTO, AXS, ALICE yes yes yes Spot: from 0.15 to 0.1%. Futures: maker* from -0.01 to 0.05%.
Bybit bybit.com yes AXES, GALA, SAND, SLP, THETA No yes yes Spot: from 0 to 0.1%. Futures: from 0 to 0.06%.
Crypto cryptorg.io yes SLP, DAR, MANA, sand, ALTO, AXS, ALICE No No No Spot: 0.2%. Futures: up to 0.05%.
OK okx.com yes AXS, ENJ, GALA, MANA, YGG No yes yes Spot: -0.05 to 0.1%. Futures: from 0.005 to 0.05%.
Currency.com Currency.com yes MONEY, SAND, ASX, ENG yes yes No 0.2% when trading without borrowed funds. Leveraged trading fee: 0.06%
Huobi huobi. with yes MAGIC, ENJ, MANA, TRACE, MBOX, ALICE No No yes Spot: from 0.0097 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0.005 to 0.05%.
Bitget bitget.com yes SAND, ALICE, TLM, UFO, STAR No yes yes Point: 0%. Futures: up to 0.05%
MEX mexc.com yes MANA, GHST, AREIA, ALICE, RACA No yes No Spot: from 0 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0.014 to 0.06%.
KuCoin kucoin. with yes SAND, FEAR, ENJ, HERO, CEEK, NEER No No yes Spot: -0.005 to 0.1%. Futures: from 0.014 to 0.06%.
gate.io gate.io yes RACA, FLOKI, SAND, WEAR, CEEK No No yes Spot: from 0 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0 to 0.05%
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Centralized exchanges with metaverse tokens

1 Binance

  • Year started: 2017
  • Number of trading pairs: 1364
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 22,639,383,219
  • Site: binance.com

The best, convenient and reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a large number of functions. It is equally useful for traders and investors as it offers many passive income tools. For example, it is possible to receive metaverse tokens as a reward for staking on an exchange or participate in symbolic sale new projects.

2 Bybit

  • Year started: 2018
  • Number of trading pairs: 100+
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 6,784,154,561 (futures)
  • Site: bybit.com

Although Bybit has become known primarily as a convenient broker for derivatives trading, in 2021 it also launched a spot platform, which traders also liked. Additionally, the system operates a ByFi hub, which includes decentralized income-generating tools.

3 OKex

  • Year started: 2013
  • Number of trading pairs: 519
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 7,900,904,089
  • Site: okx.com

On the OKX broker, a trader can trade metaverse tokens with or without leverage, participate in token sales and receive passive income from unused cryptocurrencies. The broker is equipped with decentralized financial tools, has its own blockchain and allows cross-chain asset exchange.

4 Currency.com

  • Start year: 2019
  • Number of trading pairs: 394
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 307,549,703
  • Site: Currency.com

Among the cryptocurrencies and tokens presented on this Belarusian crypto exchange is MANA, one of the most famous tokens in the metaverse Decentralized. Improving tokens, both popular and rare, are traded against the US dollar. The broker offers the possibility of trading with leverage.

5 Huobi

  • Year started: 2013
  • Number of trading pairs: 913
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 3,989,652,543
  • Site: huobi. with

A popular exchange with hundreds of trading pairs, including rare tokens. The platform keeps up with its competitors and actively adds new features. In addition to trading, here you can invest, stake, mine, participate in Polkadot auctions and much more.

6 MEXC Global

  • Year started: 2018
  • Number of trading pairs: 1315
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 1,058,803,597
  • Site: mexc.com

A broker with the possibility of spot and futures trading, as well as auxiliary tools – from DeFi investment plans to a launch site where token sales of new projects are carried out. MEXC actively participates in the development of the cryptocurrency industry – there is staking of major assets and Polkadot parachute auctions, etc.

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7 gate.io

  • Year started: 2013
  • Number of trading pairs: 2,265
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 1,902,609,988
  • Site: gate.io

The cryptocurrency broker, which has been operating successfully for almost nine years, is equipped with all the necessary tools for trading. Supports different order types, margin trading and liquidity mining. Recently, copy trading has become possible, that is, repeating the trading strategies of successful traders. Also released NFT Marketwhich is also very relevant due to the popularity of metaverses.

8 KuCoin

  • Year started: 2014
  • Number of trading pairs: 1,088
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 3,097,955,301
  • Site: kucoin. with

A crypto exchange with all the necessary features for trading metaverse currencies, which, in addition, constantly holds contests, promotions and tournaments. Thus, traders have the opportunity to earn additional income simply by trading within certain trading pairs and contracts.

Decentralized exchanges with metaverse tokens

11 uniswap

  • Year started: 2018
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 1,738,652,891
  • Site: uniswap.org

Perhaps the most famous cryptocurrency exchange among decentralized platforms with AMM. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain, supports all ERC-20 tokens as long as someone has added liquidity to them. The third version of the protocol has already been launched and is operating successfully, so the system is regularly improved to be more profitable and secure.

12 sushi

  • Start year: 2020
  • Trading volume per day: US$ 347,638,143
  • Site: sushiswap.org

The trading platform is managed by the decentralized organization Sushi and includes several markets and tools. The products are configured in such a way that they are managed in a decentralized way with the participation of SUSHI token holders. Sushiswap is also based on Ethereum.

13 pancakeswap

Decentralized exchange based on Binance Smart Chain. Supports trading of assets hosted on the same network, i.e. BEP-20 tokens. Compared to the Ethereum network, transaction fees are much lower, so the protocol is more convenient for small-scale transactions and is often chosen by beginners with limited investments.

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An example of the process of buying/selling metaverse tokens on the Binance exchange

We will tell you how to buy metaverse tokens on the Binance exchange through the trading terminal:

  • log in at the broker and complete KYC if this has not been done yet.
Binance Verification
  • Top up your account with a currency that is traded in pairs with the desired token (section “Wallet” – “Fiat and Spot” – “Input”). For example, almost all Metaverse tokens trade against BTC, USDT, BUSD.
Binance Deposit
  • Go to your wallet again and click "Replacement" in the required token. You can find an asset using the search field. You can also find the required pair directly in the trading terminal; their list is on the right.
    Binance Trading Pairs
  • Create a buy or sell order. Main types of application – market and limit. Use the market if you want to quickly buy cryptocurrencies at the market price. Use a limit if you're willing to wait a while, but make a purchase at the specified price.
    Orders on Binance

Immediately after the transaction is completed, the tokens will be sent to the wallet. If necessary, they can be withdrawn from there to an external wallet using a cryptocurrency address.


To trade metaverse tokens on a centralized exchange, be prepared to reveal your identity. Because cryptocurrencies are difficult to track due to their decentralized nature, regulators require exchanges to collect information about users and their transactions. But on these brokers you can make purchases using fiat currency, which provides expanded opportunities, including for beginners. Decentralized brokers are convenient for non-fiat currency trading, but you need to pay attention to blockchain fees; they can be so high that trading small amounts will not be profitable.