4 Melhores exchanges de criptomoedas 2024 | Bitcoin e altcoins

Find out which are the best bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrency exchanges. Check out the best exchange for trading ideal for professional traders and beginners.

note: Before trading on an exchange you first need win, purchase, have bitcoin or any tradable cryptocurrency and send it to one of the exchanges of your choice below to trade or start profiting from arbitrage or price variation.

How to choose or know which is the best exchange to trade?

Here are some tips we consider when choosing or to know which is the best cryptocurrency exchange, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria:
*. – Reliability – we only list the best trusted and safe exchanges
*. – Good daily trading volume;
*. – Excellent feedback from the community about the exchange;
* – Ease – we select exchanges easy to navigate and operate manually or using auto trade robots
* – Verification required – whether it is necessary to verify the identity of documents to start trading.
*. – Good number of pairs traded on the exchange.
*. – Excellent technical support in case of problems.
*. – Excellent trading and withdrawal fees.

Based on these criteria,. We list our understanding of the best exchanges in the world and some excellent Brazilian exchanges websites for trading bitcoin and altcoins or that allow you to “buy and sell” various cryptocurrencies.

Largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world

Here is the list of the best international exchanges offering good services and a high number of altcoins:

1st Binance → the best exchange in the world, top since 2020, it has become the most used and popular on the internet with the lowest rate on the market 0.1% in all operations. without any mandatory verification:

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Binance Tips and Strategies

2nd kucoin → one of the best foreign exchanges is one of the most advanced as it has a large number of professional technical tools for analysis and a chart of trading strategies at a rate of 0.1% and without any mandatory verification.

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Kucoin Complete Manual

3rd HitBTC → one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, it has been operating since 2013 with lower and attractive fees (0.01% to 0.1 % ) much preferred by traders, especially those who like to bots.

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4th Bitcoin trade → the best Brazilian exchange 2021 the most reliable and safe for trade with fees from 0.25% to 0.50% although it has high fees it is one of the best exchange most used in Brazil.

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Other virtual currency exchanges

To finish the ranking of the best digital currency exchanges, it is important to say that there are also many other good ones, the list above is not complete, and in order not to make a very long article, below, we will list some popular and recommended cryptocurrency exchanges, at which you should pay attention to:
*. – ftx
*. – houbi
*. – Cex.io
*. – bitmex
*. – EXMO
*. –Bitfinex
*. – Bittrex / poloniex / Kraken


Exchange provides an opportunity for traders to buy, sell and exchange various virtual currencies and give the opportunity to trade in real time and make transactions at the best rate and with minimal commissions for high gains.

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