4 Melhores criptomoedas para investir na tendência de Baixa 2024 → Mercados de Urso

A common knowledge about cryptocurrencies is that they are highly unstable and volatile. Prices keep going up and down – and investors need to invest wisely, otherwise they risk losing their investments. During a bull run in the markets it is possible to invest in virtually any good coin and they are likely to make a profit, however cryptocurrency investors need to be especially careful when selecting the coins to invest in during bear markets.

Cryptocurrencies to invest in bear markets

Cryptocurrency markets tend to switch between bearish and bullish moments quite often. Investors sometimes panic when it comes to investing in bear markets as they don't want to lose their investments, which is a genuine concern. However, those who choose to invest wisely can make a profit even in bear markets.

Let's take a look at the best cryptocurrencies you can invest in during bear markets:

buying “BEAR” FTX Leveraged Tokens

What are leveraged tokens?
They are leveraged tokens that hold a position in futures contracts. The token price will tend to track the price of the underlying positions it holds.

So each token bull seek a 3X return every +1X uptrend or % of the asset to be traded, and the tokens Bear seek a return of 3X every -1X downtrend.

how to trade leveraged tokens

You can trade a variety of leveraged tokens on FTX Crypto Exchange.

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Converting your coins into Stablecoins
Stablecoins are another popular form of cryptocurrency that continues to be unaffected by bear markets. In fact, they are a creation that is growing in market capitalization due to the low market. While stablecoins are not a great investment option because their price pretty much stays the same – they are nevertheless a good investment option as this ensures they don’t experience a price drop.

Stablecoins, for those who don't know, are cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat currencies or commodities. These coins/goods are actually held by the company that circulates the stablecoins and ensures that these coins are backed. Therefore, the price remains stable. Tether and TrueUSD are among the most popular stablecoins. Gemini Dollar and Paxos Standard are also two of the biggest emerging names when it comes to stablecoins.

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Cryptocurrencies in the News
Cryptocurrency investors need to follow the news regularly. They should ensure that they are not missing out on any cryptocurrency-related news, as any media coverage can be beneficial. Especially when it comes to mainstream media coverage of cryptocurrencies – any coin that gets positive coverage in mainstream media is bound to grow, regardless of market conditions. Even in bear markets, these currencies can benefit greatly.

The best example of this type was Litecoin and some highlighted are LINK, XTZ, BNB and several other altcoins.

Therefore, it is critical to always follow the news about cryptocurrencies – in niche media and in mainstream media.

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Cryptocurrencies with high adoption rates
Another type of cryptocurrency that jumps at the higher end of the chart, even when the market trend is down, are those that have a high adoption rate. Coins used for regular and frequent transactions are least likely to be affected by a downtrend as demand for them is unlikely to drop. However, at the moment, there are hardly (if any) coins in the markets that can fall into this category.

Talking about adoption, sometimes when the platform that powers the coin ties to another big company, the platform coin can get a rise in price. This was observed earlier this year when Ripple's price rose slightly as partnerships with big names like MoneyGram and Western Union were announced. Furthermore, Ethereum is also a platform that benefits from these updates.

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Downtrends and uptrends are an integral part of the cryptocurrency investment industry. These trends come and go; although they may remain for a longer period, sometimes they tend to reverse sooner or later, because that is the nature of the demand and supply concepts that govern the economy.