5 Melhores Criptomoedas Metaverso para investir em 2024

Although the term " metaverse ” originally appeared without any connection to cryptocurrencies (in Neil Stevenson’s novel “Avalanche” in 1992), it has now become clear that these two technological concepts cannot live without each other. The decentralized anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies is the best option for working with virtual universes, and it also offers a wide scope for developing the platforms themselves – encouraging users, simple trading operations without intermediaries, and much more. In this article we will mention the best metaverse cryptocurrencies most promising, based on their market capitalization – the main indicator of user confidence.

Which metaverse cryptocurrency is better?

The cryptocurrency, or token , from the metaverse is understood as a digital asset running on the blockchain and offers benefits to project participants. As a rule, such cryptocurrency is launched on one of the blockchains with the support of smart contracts and high transaction speed, as each action within the platform is a transaction carried out with the participant's cryptocurrency wallet.

The main options for using cryptocurrency in projects with metauniverses:

  • Purchasing the territory of the first character, pet, depends on the specific project. This is required to start the game.
  • Rewards for in-game actions – battles, character development, participation in competitions.
  • Decentralized Governance – Vote for innovation for the metaverse.

Finally, these cryptocurrencies often gain popularity outside of their native project. In a free market, assets perform very well as long as their metaverse is also actively developing, because then tokens become more useful and in demand.

In addition, there are auxiliary tokens that do not belong to any particular metaverse, but help with the general development of the industry. You will read about several of these coins now.

Best metaverse coins by market cap

1. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a virtual world where participants create pets called Axies and use them to fight other players. The stronger the animal, the more expensive it is, so you can earn by breeding Axi and selling them. The AXS token acts as the main trading asset in the system. The SLP token is also widely used, with the help of which animals are crossed.

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THETA is the infrastructure for realizing the metaverse. At its core, it is a decentralized video streaming blockchain network. It allows users to watch videos and receive rewards in the form of tokens for their loyalty. In November, the analyst chose this project as one of the most promising in the virtual universes industry.

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

On November 29, the long-awaited alpha version was released on The Sandbox, one of the most popular projects in the Metaverse. By downloading the client, players have access to a variety of games and game objects, exclusive opportunities, and can also earn NFT and SAND tokens for their activities. Until December 20, participants have access to contests and daily promotions.

4. Decentraland (MANA)

A virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. In it, players can create, use and monetize game content. It is based on LAND NFT tokens, which are entirely owned by the decentralized community. MANA is used to shop for goods and services in the universe.

5 Enjin Coin (ENJ)

  • Capitalization: 3 400 287 108 $
  • Price: $ 2.73
  • In circulation: 934 340 659
  • https://enjin.io/

A set of tools to integrate NFT and metaverse into any blockchain application. A convenient solution for a company that wants to expand in a promising sector. Allows you to create tokens in a few clicks, without deep knowledge of programming and blockchain technologies.

6. Sushiwap (SUSHI)

The popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in late October announced the imminent launch of the ShōYu solution – an NFT marketplace. It will allow the sale and purchase of metaverse assets, such as the  OpenSea  and other similar markets. In addition, the ecosystem is actively implementing a variety of solutions related to supporting popular blockchains and dApps.


The WAX protocol is a delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain designed to scale with the microservice layer, which provides the infrastructure for creating metaverses and digital goods marketplaces. WAX was designed to make blockchain easier for decentralized applications, and it has succeeded.

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A metaverse focused on working with music artists, artists and other content creators. Here, celebrities can sell their tokens and fans can create collections of valuable virtual items. CEEK VR's partner is Universal Music, so users will have the opportunity to experience live performances from legendary stars from Bon Jovi to Lady Gaga.

9. Ultra (UOS)

  • Capitalization: 569 124 367 $
  • Price: $ 1.83
  • In circulation: 267 919 582
  • https://ultra.io/

An ecosystem on the blockchain that makes it possible to interact with NFT, develop new games and applications, and introduce innovations. The project also has a referral system: it rewards both the attraction of new users to the platform and the promotion of products promoted on Ultra.

10. My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

A farm simulator where you can buy and equip your land, find neighbors, trade NFT tokens in the form of animals, products, decoration elements, buildings. The ALICE token allows players to buy NFTs, plots of land and various integrated DeFi solutions.

Other Promising Metaverse Coins

The major currencies of the metaverse also include the following assets:

  • Alien Worlds (TLM)
  • Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)
  • Yield Guild Games (ASB)
  • Star Atlas (ATLAS)
  • Aavegotchi (GHST)

You can see the list and current indicators of currencies in the aggregator on here .

Outlook for the meta sector

In late October, the Facebook corporation, which includes WhatsApp, Instagram and the social network Facebook, changed its name to Meta. Mark Zuckerberg explained the reason for this decision – the company will focus on developing its own metaverse from now on, and that could take up to ten years.

NFT support is expected on the project, but what the cryptocurrency in Zuckerberg's metaverse will be remains to be seen. But there is no doubt that it will be, which was confirmed in a letter to investors from Zuckerberg himself, also remembering that the way projects are managed will undergo changes. This is likely to be the creation of a DAO, but at the same time, many users doubted that such a government-controlled organization would launch a truly decentralized project.

However, Meta's presentation had a positive effect on the cryptocurrency market in the metaverse. It also indirectly leads to an increase in token growth from various blockchains, including Ethereum or  Solana . New  metaverse projects  appear regularly, and investors have the opportunity to choose the most promising one.

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Where to buy metaverse tokens

The main options for buying cryptocurrencies associated with metauniverses are:

  • Centralized Exchanges. Allows to use fiat, requires verification. Examples:  Binance ,  Huobi ,  FTX  .
  • Decentralized Exchanges. They do not support fiat, they allow you to work anonymously and without intermediaries. Examples:  uniswapPancakeSwap.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets. Examples: Trust Wallet ,  metamask.

The more popular and sought after a cryptocurrency, the more services and  platforms  will add support for it. Consequently, the asset receives more liquidity and can be easily not only bought but also sold.

storage wallets

Choosing a wallet for metaverse tokens depends on which blockchain the cryptocurrency is running on. You can also consider multi-currency wallets with support for different blockchains.

Where to store metaverse coins.

Wallets that support Metaverse project coins:

Expansion wallets such as Metamask are convenient for connecting to metauniverses. In the case of active trading, it is allowed to store coins on a cryptocurrency exchange.


The top cryptocurrencies of the metaverse will help you choose a suitable asset for trading or investing. However, you should not interpret this as a guide to action – the market situation is constantly changing, some projects are going to the top, others are losing popularity. It is necessary to look first of all at the possibilities of beneficial use of the asset (existing and planned for the future). A useless coin will sooner or later lose the interest of users. On the other hand, a token that is an important and irreplaceable part of the popular metaverse is likely to see its value increase.