4 Navegadores que recompensam os usuários em criptomoedas 2024

Have you ever thought about making money with a browser? Thanks to digital currencies, it is much simpler these days for users to earn bitcoin by browsing the internet with their browser and extensions. If you are looking for a browser that pays to browse, this post is for you.

 Today, there are browsers that reward their users for using them. If you still use conventional browsers, why not try them now:

1st CryptoTab Browser → Best browser that pays to browse 2021 in, if you want to mine using your computer directly, you can use this browser on Windows or MacOS or CryptoTab pro on android

The Cryptotab browser is a fork of the Chrome browser with a built-in CPU javascript processor. In other words, all browsing features are chrome based with an additional feature to mine and earn bitcoin (BTC). Browse casually, like searching Google, watching movies on Youtube, interacting on Facebook and Twitter while mining.

Multilevel reference system

Cryptotab browser has one of the best referral system. They applied multi-level marketing, in which you not only get a lifetime commission for inviting someone, but you also get a commission for the person who invited.


Download on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS

Cryptotab Browser is suitable for anyone who wants to start earning bitcoins. The setup process is easier compared to the normal mining process.

  • Download and install.
  • create an account.
  • Click the button and click mine.

Cryptotab Browser Mobile

Cryptotab browser is also available on playstore and applestore. Download using the same link here available.

Cryptotab Browser on Samsung A7.
Update: Now the app doesn't do mining on your smartphone, but server dependent mining, which in my opinion is free cloud mining. Buy the pro version for faster mining where you have to increase every 3 hours.

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how to withdraw

I have been mining for a while and managed to withdraw bitcoins to both my exchange wallet and my personal wallet, I also tried withdrawing from the PC and Smarphone version of the software. It works, which means it's reliable.

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2nd Netbox browser → best browser to earn money browsing the internet if you are using Windows, I recommend Netbox. So far, it is the browser that pays the most in bitcoin for browsing the internet.

Download on Windows: on here

How it works?

“The first decentralized blockchain web browser BE FREE. BE INDEPENDENT. SURF THE WEB WITH NETBOX.BROWSER AND GET REWARD. AT LEAST OF USUAL WEB BROWSERS, NETBOX.BROWSER IS A NODE IN THE BLOCKCHAIN ​​The more Netbox.Browsers there are online, the faster and more stable the Netbox.Chain is. The entire architecture of Netbox.Chain is designed to provide rewards for active users of Netbox.Browser”. More information: https://netbox.global


  • Common browser functions
  • Get rewarded for using the browser and you can stake your coins for more rewards. Based on my experience of 3-6 hours using the browser, you get NBX 0.3 – 0.5. There are days when I outperform the NBX 1.
  • Common functions of digital wallet: send, receive, bet, buy, exchange, transactions.
    Screenshot of the Netbox browser showing the above function.

List of products and upcoming:

  • Netbox.Browser
  • Netbox.Chain & Coin
  • netbox.pay
  • Netbox.Wallet
  • Netbox.Store
  • Netbox.Trust
  • Netbox.Video
  • Netbox.Drive

If you don't want to change your browser.

2 Best extensions to earn cryptocurrencies browsing the internet

Here are some of the best extensions to earn bitcoin browsing the internet, without much effort, all you need to do is install the extension on your browser and create your account and that's it, just browse your favorite sites or any site and start earning coins digital.

1. Bittube Browser or! Extension!

If you don't want to change your browser.

Download on Windows, Linux the browser extension:

BitTube → one of the best browser or extension to earn cryptocurrencies here Browse and earn TUBE coins currently listed on coinmarketcap and already on an exchange.
Netbox Browser + BitTube Extension

How it works?

“The browser that respects your time and rewards your attention. BitTube overhauls how web monetization should work. Browse privately, without ads and support every website you visit. Your time drives the new no-compromise attention economy.” More information: https://bittubeapp.com

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  • Common browser functions
  • Get rewarded for your session time and you can wager the rewards to increase the limit. Look at the picture below, but in short, your earnings are limited. To increase your limit, complete any or all of the following requirements after creating your account:
    • Verify your mobile or KYC account
    • TUBE 2500 stake
    • TUBE 25000 stake
    • TUBE 250000 stake

By doing any of the above, you increase your user level.

  • Common functions of Bitube digital wallet: send, receive, bet, buy, exchange, transactions.
    BitTube digital wallet.

2. Permission Extension → Your data, your permission and your earnings

Permission → is one of the best browser extension to earn ASK while browsing the web with new browser extension. Earn rewards, add wallets, send cryptocurrencies and more!

How does Permission work?

The Permission browser extension allows you to earn rewards for choosing to share your data while browsing the web. By agreeing to share your data in exchange for rewards on the Permission Platform, you grant permission.io your consent to use your data to deliver advertisements and content. Permission.io does not personally identify you to advertisers or sell your data to third parties. Your personal data is used by permission.io to provide anonymized aggregated data to advertisers and is used to target you in a way that we intend to be anonymous. As a valued member, we will always be transparent about how your data is used and you can always opt out of the Platform and we will delete all personally identifiable data. By continuing, you agree to the Permission's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and are rewarded for doing so.

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What is ASK Permission?

Permission Coin (ASK) is the currency for permission. Its main use case is to power a global digital ad system based on allowed data and optional engagement. The project aims to offer an antidote to some of the most significant problems of Web 2.0 – surveillance capitalism, data mining and disruptive marketing – by allowing users to securely grant permission and monetize their data on the web, while providing an enterprise solution. for marketers looking for a better return on their ad spend.

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3. presearch  → best search engine that pays for browsing

THE presearch is an open decentralized search engine that thrives by rewarding users and community members with Presearch (PRE) tokens for contributing to and promoting the platform.

Search engines are the escape to the world wide web. And the world certainly deserves an alternative search engine that is open, transparent, and involves the community in product development.

Never before have so few organizations controlled the flow of information to so many people. And this is where Presearch comes in as it is a perfect fit that guarantees real and unbiased search results and a safe escape to the internet.

Unlike Google and other major search engines that have had many years and unlimited resources to become more transparent about how they use our data and what they do with it, these organizations are increasingly secretive.

Not only is Presearch open and transparent with clear motives to make the internet a better place for everyone, but it also funds its operations through a transparent advertising system that allows advertisers to bid on sponsor keywords and results. These ads can be purchased using the PREs via auction, driving usage within the ecosystem.

How to start using Presearch Search Engine?

Getting started with Presearch is super simple as it requires nothing more than switching between your chosen search engine.

However, to earn rewards on your surveys, you must create an account, so that the system recognizes who rewards you for surveys.

You can do all of the above options at site presearch

Sign up for the Presearch search engine!