5 Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Trade Chia Coin (XCH) 2021

Exchanges with Moeda Chia allow you to buy, sell and trade this new cryptocurrency launched in March 2021. Due to its unusual mining structure, aimed at accessibility and respect for the environment, the coin has become very popular. However, now getting into mining (more precisely, Farming) is no longer as easy as it was at first. The hard drives required for this process are are getting more expensive, and more and more of them are needed due to the increasing complexity of the network. Furthermore, they fail quickly.

For this reason, many investors prefer to go the other way and simply purchase currency with the aim of selling it for a higher price when the rate increases.

Criptomais experts examined which cryptocurrency exchanges can you do that. There are not many such brokers, but among them there are high-quality platforms that have been operating for several years and are recommended for use.

TOP 7 cryptocurrency exchanges for XCH according to experts:

  1. OK. One of the leading Chia Coin cryptocurrency brokers on the market, with a large selection of centralized and decentralized services.
  2. MEX. Actively developing cryptocurrency exchange with Chia Coin for spot and futures trading with low commissions.
  3. BingX. An exchange with XCH, with which novice users can make money even without experience, using copy trading.
  4. KuCoin. Cryptocurrency exchange with Chia Coin, providing convenient trading of a variety of currency pairs with minimal commission costs.
  5. HTX. The Chia Coin broker, formerly known as Huobi, is a convenient and functional platform for trading a large number of different assets.
  6. gate.io. A broker with XCH that offers the opportunity to trade this coin against USDT or Ether. It has high liquidity and trading volumes.
  7. Coinex. Cryptocurrency exchange with Chia Coin, where the user has the opportunity to trade spot and futures, as well as earn passive income.

Exchange comparison table with Chia Coin:

Exchange name site Does it work with the Russian Federation? KYC Demo account Pairs to trade with Chia Verified Assets trading commissions
OK okx.com yes yes yes XCH/USDT, XCH/USDC, XCH/BTC yes Spot: -0.05 to 0.1%. Futures: from 0.005 to 0.05%.
Cooperative huobi.com yes No No XCH/USDT, XCH/BTC yes Spot: from 0.0097 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0.005 to 0.05%.
KuCoin kucoin. with yes yes No XCH/USDT yes Spot: -0.005 to 0.1%. Futures: from 0.014 to 0.06%.
MEX mexc.com yes No yes XCH/USDT No Spot: from 0 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0.014 to 0.06%.
gate.io gate.io yes No No XCH/USDT, XCH/ETH yes Spot: from 0 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0 to 0.05%
BingX bingx.com yes No yes XCH/USDT yes Spot: from 0 to 0.1%. Futures: from 0 to 0.05%
Coinex coinex. with yes No No XCH/USDT, XCH/BTC yes Spot: from 0 to 0.2%. Futures: from 0 to 0.05%
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Briefly about Chia Coin

The network was created by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen and aims to become a means of combating the centralization of the cryptocurrency mining industry. The trend in mining BTC and other well-known cryptocurrencies is that individuals can no longer compete with large syndicates.

Chia differs from other major cryptocurrencies in the mechanism it uses to secure the network and encourage participation. Network architects chose a Proof-of-Space system for this purpose, which does not depend on computing power, but on storage capacity.

  • Farmers allocate a location to store hashes, and each of these sites is called a raft.
  • When the blockchain broadcasts the next block challenge, farmers scan the graphs for the closest hash to the challenge in question.
  • A farmer's chance of winning a block is calculated as the percentage of space the farmer has compared to the entire network.

The system eliminates the need for energy-intensive mining, but problems have arisen with a shortage of storage in the market and rising prices. In fact, the situation with 2017-2018 video cards is repeated. Manufacturers have already started reducing HDD warranties due to Chia mining.

We have already talked about farming Chia Coin and now let's see through which exchanges you can buy this coin.

Exchanges with Chia Coin

1 Trade OKX

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange

OKX is also one of the best and richest platforms; more precisely, it is an entire ecosystem with dozens of components. Allows you to reduce trading fees using the OKB token, trade using professional orders, use futures and various income management tools.

Perpetual contracts with Chia are also available on OKX in addition to spot trading.

2 Exchange Huobi

Exchange Huobi

Huobi broker has been operating since 2013 and throughout this period it has been one of the most popular trading platforms. Chia playground she's gone May 14th. Allows you to work with fiat methods, futures contracts, and passive income methods. Supports over 900 cryptocurrency trading pairs. Leverage trading is available.

3 MEXC broker

Trading XCH/USDT on cryptocurrency broker MXC

The Chinese platform MXC, where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat or digital assets, is also equipped with a built-in instant exchange function. There is a convenient commercial terminal developed directly by the company. To interact with the platform's functionality, identity verification is required.

4 Exchange KuCoin

  • Replacement: kucoin. with
  • Pairs with Chia: USDT
  • Trading volume: US$ 883,518,800

A comfortable exchange without mandatory verification, with Brazilian language support and a large number of functions for making money. You can trade spot and futures, launch a trading bot with your own settings, and invest in passive instruments to generate income.

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5 Gate.io Exchange

Trading the Chia Coin cryptocurrency on the Gate.io broker in the XCH/ETH pair

Gate.io broker offers high security and a set of tools for efficient trading of more than 1,500 trading pairs. It has been popular for more than eight years, initially in Asian countries, and then throughout the world, after the project was purchased by an American company.

6 Trade BKEX

Trade BKEX

BKEX is a Chia Coin exchange that was one of the first to add this coin. On April 26, a token subscription was launched as part of Seed Incubator Pro. The site is not available in Brazilian, but has an interface in English. Operates to UK regulatory standards.

7 Trade Digifinex

Trade Digifinex

Digifinex broker supports spot, margin and futures trading; There is also an integrated platform for p2p trading. Simple and professional interfaces are available for transactions. One of the new features is the trading of cryptographic ETFs with leverage (also within the basic or professional terminal).

8 Exchange Bibox

Trading the XCH/USDT pair on the Bibox broker

The Bibox broker has been operating since 2017, and among its creators is the developer of another large platform OKCoin, and former Huobi employees also participated in its creation. There is a Brazilian interface language. To save fees, you can use the local BIX token. Applications have been developed for PCs and smartphones.

Wallet for storing purchased coins Split Currency (XCH)

All listed exchanges offer the opportunity to store Chia Coin in your accounts for free and for an unlimited time. This is convenient if you plan to use XCH for trading in the near future, but for long-term storage as an investment, it is more sensible to use a wallet installed on your own device and not have access to private keys.

This wallet is currently the official wallet Chia Blockchain, also intended for the cultivation of this currency. The wallet address looks like this: xch158s89qxul6gzhr9x3hrr0rnfqf2y0ynfulw80q7pp5fgvfhvtjvqdeelkj. View your address in your wallet and transfer funds from the cryptocurrency exchange to it.

Is it worth buying Chia Coin (XCH)

Factors that can have a positive impact on XCH value growth:

  • Respect for the project's environment. This aspect interests many users concerned about the state of the environment.
  • Own programming language. Chialisp ideal for auditing and at the same time functional: with its help you can create various types of wallets (limited rate, multi-signature, recoverable), currencies (colored coins), operations (atomic swaps, authorized payments).
  • SSD and HDD manufacturers are also interested in pumping coins. High demand allows them to increase prices for the equipment they produce. Stock investors are already anticipating this and are starting to invest in shares of manufacturing companies.
  • Bulk outflow of currency to exchanges. Today it is supported by several large platforms. The increase in the number of these platforms will likely lead to an increase in the exchange rate.
  • The famous creator (Bram Cohen) and the rest of the people in team. They also launched major online stores Overstock and eMusic. Venture capital and other companies Sequoia Capital, Pantera Capital, Kenetic Capital, Andressen Horowitz), Polychain Capital have already become investors in the project. Next Rede Chia plans to carry out an IPO.
  • Coin issuance is limited. This is a deflationary model, which guarantees the gradual creation of a deficit and, therefore, an increase in prices.
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Of course, there are also difficulties. We've already talked about problems with hard drives (shortages and price increases), but that's not all. The secondary market can be flooded with hard drives that are nearly dead but still under warranty. Manufacturers are expected to take tough measures, including limiting HDD sales. Therefore, it will be increasingly difficult for miners. This is why many now consider it more promising to buy chia and not grow it.

Common questions

What is Chia Coin (XCH)?

It is a cryptocurrency based on its own blockchain technology that uses space and time instead of energy for mining.

What is the basic principle of Chia Coin?

The project uses a consensus model called Proof of Space and Time, which requires that part of the disk space be provided for mining (so-called “plotting”).

On which cryptocurrency exchanges can you buy Chia Coin?

For example, OKX, HTX, MEXC, BingX, Coinex. More exchanges are presented in the article, and current data can be found at https://www.coingecko.com/ru/Cryptocurrencies/chia#markets or other similar sites.

Is it possible to buy Chia Coin for USDT on an exchange?

Yes, this trading pair is available on all listed brokers.

Is it possible to buy XCH on a broker with fiat currency?

Such opportunities are not provided, the currency is not so popular. But you can always buy USDT first and then exchange it for XCH through the exchange.

What is the price of Chia Coin today?

It is recommended to check the current price on cryptocurrency exchanges or monitoring sites as it fluctuates daily.


We list Chia Coin exchanges that have proven their worth, have a positive reputation and a large number of users. They provide good liquidity, which means you don't have to wait long for a counterparty to buy or sell your assets. Whether it is worth carrying out such operations depends on many factors – take into account the direction of market movement, news history, investments of large companies in the project, listing on other popular cryptocurrency brokers.